Role Of Eating Junk Food In Our Life

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Role Of Eating Junk Food In Our Life

Sometimes, eating junk food is good for health, especially when you are out on a picnic or a trip. Weather is delightful, and it boosts our moods. During a picnic, we are also very active there. But other times, eating junk food seriously affects your metabolism, calorie count, and mood. Although it is difficult to leave its tasty and yummy grasp, eating junk food has side effects.

When we think of a bear, we imagine a bumpy character. But as the name suggests, ‘Yogi Bear’ is a slim and trim character. He is fond of stealing food from picnic baskets of the people who come for a picnic. This bear is ready to eat anything found in the stolen picnic basket. Still, that bear did not become fat. It does not mean that everyone can do this. It entirely depends on the metabolism rate of each individual. 

Physical Exercise And Metabolism

Physical Exercise And Metabolism
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The bear moved around the jungle a lot that helped him in the digestion process. The more active we are, the better metabolism our body has. But in our case, we only move here and there, and it is sufficient for us. We need to do some physical exercise. We do not have places like the bear to move around the whole day. 

Eating junk food has many metabolic consequences. Eating them makes you slow and sluggish. Junk food is difficult to digest as it lacks fiber and contains more carbohydrates. It leads to more fat deposition in the body, leading to obesity.

Therefore, make out time for the body to keep it physically fit and active. Physical activities like walking, gyming, yoga, swimming, etc., improve our body’s metabolism. 

As mentioned above, Yogi bear eats anything and everything in the basket, which is junk food as people carry such food for the picnic. 

Considering Calorie Intake Is Important

Considering Calorie Intake Is Important
Source: Women’s Health

We are unaware of the calories that we consume or we need to consume. Calories burned in the body should always be more than the calories you intake. Calories can be counted by a few devices like a calorie counter, exercise tracker, and a few more. 

Your nutritionist or certain apps can count your calorie intake. Compare both to see which one is greater. If you consume more calories than you burn for more than five days a week, you are sure to gain weight or not lose weight anymore. The more active we are, the more calories we burn. 

Consuming healthy food that is high in calories, low in fats, and moderate carbohydrates are easy to metabolize. If fiber is added to your diet, it makes the digestion process easy, leading to weight loss. You should know what you are eating and decide what is right and wrong to live a healthy life—practice mindful eating to avoid unnecessary food consumption.

How Unhappy Mood Affects Digestion?

How Unhappy Mood Affects Digestion?
Source: Eat This, Not That

Your mood plays a significant role in the metabolism of the food you have consumed and vice versa. Food and mood are dependent on each other. If you are stressed or not in a good mood while cooking, serving, or eating, it hampers your metabolism. Suppose you are eating balanced food but are not in the right state of mind. In that case, you tend to gain weight because of the hormone insulin and glucagon, which does not allow the proper breakdown of the food, leading to digestive disorders and indirectly leading to weight gain. 

Researchers also stated that eating junk food in a bad mood can aggravate its intensity. You must avoid junk food in a bad state as it may lead to suffering from the signs of depression.

Yogi bear was always in a happy go lucky mood, so he could digest whatever he ate. He was never depressed or stressed and would do the things that made him happy. Although he was doing a crime from our perspective, as he was stealing a picnic basket, it was the only thing that gave him happiness, and he enjoyed doing it. 


Eating junk food is not always recommended; one must avoid its excess consumption. We learn good things from this cartoon character being happy in every situation, not taking stress in life—living life with our own rules. It also taught us not to eat bad and unhealthy food or stuff our mouths with whatever we get. It also shows that overeating and stealing are wrong. 

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