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    5 Foods You Should Avoid Eating For Good Health

    We are aware of how much junk and processed foods harm our health. You already know the amount of junk to have to maintain our health. Eating fried food once a while will not disrupt your health, but it doesn’t mean fired fries aren’t bad food. They belong to the foods you should avoid eating. It’s easy to get confused about which food is healthy and which is not. There is a theory “everything is good in moderation,” but it does not apply to these five foods mentioned below.

    Some foods you should avoid eating if you want to lose weight or prevent any chronic illness. These foods also have links to depression and bad mood. But these unhealthy foods can be consumed occasionally by some people without actually harming their health. You can replace these foods with other healthy alternatives.

    5 Foods You Should Avoid Eating That Are Not Good For Your Health

    1. Sugary Drinks

    Sugary Drinks
    Source: Medical News Today

    In this modern world, added sugar is the worst ingredient in the diet. We drink fruit juice, which has added sugar in it, thinking it is suitable for health, but it isn’t. When we consume liquid calories, our brain doesn’t consider them as food. It is will drastically increase the total calorie intake in the body.

    Increased sugar intake can drive your insulin resistance; it is directly linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and many more conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This drinking also contributes to weight gain and obesity.

    Have soda water, coffee, tea, lemon water, and freshly made fruit juices and cut back on excess sugar consumption as much as you can.

    2. Artificial Sweeteners

    Artificial Sweeteners
    Source: Martha Stewart

    As mentioned above, added sugar is unhealthy to consume. Artificial sweeteners are way sweeter than sugar. These artificial sweeteners reset your taste bud to crave more sugary food, and you end up eating more junk food. One teaspoon per serving is a small amount and is sufficient to consume. People who limit themselves from consuming artificial sweeteners have more energy and fewer cravings.

    Add jaggery or honey to your drink and food instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. These are the healthiest option instead of artificial sweeteners.

    3. Processed Foods

    Processed Foods
    Source: Well+Good

    Processed foods and meat like margarine and hotdog are healthy to eat. These processed foods have high sodium, loads of saturated fats, sodium nitrite, and many other chemicals and dyes. Consumption of these foods is associated with higher cholesterol, coronary heart disease, and diabetes mellitus. Also, to reduce your chances of cancer, stop eating processed food.

    Eat butter instead of margarine, mozzarella, or vegan cheese. Instead of processed cheese, eat bacon, sausages, or pepperoni with less unhealthy ingredients.

    4. Diet Foods

    Diet Foods
    Source: The Independent

    Diet foods have low fats, which are not low calories. We get confused with low fats and low calories. These low fats foods have more sugar, salt, and unhealthy fillers. The low carb junk food is highly processed and packed with additives.

    Yogurt is excellent, but low-fat yogurt isn’t. We tend to consume these foods more because we think they are healthy. We replace our meal with a low card candy bar, but we never bother about the ingredients of that candy bar. Beware of what you are eating. These low-fat foods have the most unhealthy and processed ingredients in it. Replace your low-fat yogurt with full-fat yogurt and low carbs candy bars with natural low carb food with eggs, seafood, and leafy green.

    5. Fast Foods

    Fast Foods
    Source: Business Insider

    Fast food includes pastries, cookies, cakes, fried fries, potato chips, pizza, burgers, etc. The young generation is more likely to consume fast food. Pizza is the most popular junk in the world. But the pizza has the most unhealthy ingredients in it like high refined dough and processed meat. Although the potatoes in fries and veggies in pizza are healthy, the ingredients they are mixed with to prepare are unhealthy. In cookies, refined sugar and refined wheat flour are high in unhealthy trans fats. These foods might taste awesome but can damage your health badly.

    Want to have desserts? Have some berries, greek yogurt, or dark chocolates. If you are craving for pizza or fries, try to satisfy it with homemade pizza and boiled potatoes with baby carrot and nuts.


    You should always check food labels on the packet before buying it. Though these packed foods save your time and are easy to access, maintaining good health is way more important than saving time because health is wealth. Try to focus on whole foods and cooking at home instead of eating outside. Listen to your body and practice mindfulness while eating. Pay attention to flavors and texture that help know how much to eat and what to eat. It will develop a positive relationship between you and your food. So, steer clear of the foods mentioned above.

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