benefits of plant-based diets for athletes

15 Benefits Of Plant-based Diets For Athletes


In recent years, plant-based diets have become popular among athletes. Plant-based diets exclude or limit animal products and instead focus ...

Health Benefits Of Salmon

14 Health Benefits Of Salmon


Salmon is quite a nutrient-dense food. This delicious fatty fish is not only high in nutrients, but it may help ...

14 Post-Workout Foods To Consume

14 Post-Workout Foods To Consume


Remember that your workout does not end when you leave the gym or complete your final lap on the track. ...

pre-workout drinks to consume:

18 Pre-workout Drinks To Consume


Whether you’re about to begin or have just done your workout, you should drink something to keep hydrated. Pre-exercise beverages ...


Immunonutrition: The Ultimate Role of Nutrients

Subarna Ghosal

The immune system is the body’s line of defense against diseases and infection. The WHO in the current pandemic situation ...

fruit consumption for diabetics

Should Diabetics Limit Fruit Intake or Undergo Bypass Surgery?

Stephy Gandhi

limiting fruit intake for diabetes

Role Of Eating Junk Food In Our Life

Role Of Eating Junk Food In Our Life

Julie Dattani

Sometimes, eating junk food is good for health, especially when you are out on a picnic or a trip. Weather ...

What Are The Benefits Of Ladoos?

What Are The 7 Benefits Of Ladoos?

Sayali Ramdasi

Whenever there is an occasion, our minds always turn to ladoos. Who doesn’t love eating ladoos? Ladoo is a traditional ...

9 Best Foods For Healthy Hair You Must Include In Your Diet

9 Best Foods For Healthy Hair You Must Eat

Priya Chelani

Black long, shiny, and bouncy hair are a jewel for every woman. In today’s scenario, it remains a dream of everyone ...


Most Controversial Myths On Diet

Subarna Ghosal

Drink More Water to shed weights. If drinking water diverts you from high-calorie drinks, it can help you surely to ...


Myths On Internet About Nutrition In Adolescents


 Adolescence is a very important and significant phase of life.  wherein changes take place in physical, mental, behavioral and hormonal ...