Most Controversial Myths On Diet

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Drink More Water to shed weights.

  • If drinking water diverts you from high-calorie drinks, it can help you surely to lose weight. But adding more water to your diet, without changing the overall diet, makes no difference.
drink more water to shed weights

Switch to Sea Salt to Reduce Sodium

  • It’s a myth because gourmet salts have about the same sodium as plain old table salt. Add flavor with pepper, herbs, and spices instead. And you know that 75% of our total salt intake from processed and prepared foods (not the salt shaker) like soups, mixes, condiments, cheeses, and canned goods.

Athletes Need a Ton of Protein

  • An athlete needs tons of protein to build his strength and muscle.
  • The classic way to boosting athletic strength and muscle is to get enough calories, focusing on intense training, and get a proportionately balanced carb- and protein-containing snack after an intense muscle workout.
athletes need a ton of protein

Milk can make you lose your  weight

A few studies from the mid-2000s culminated that dieters who consumed dairy lost more weight than dieters who did not. But some other studies showed no results and still others showed a link between high milk consumption and eating more calories.

milk can make you lose your weight

No snacking required

  • Healthy snacks between meals can actually help you to control your cravings. Fruit, vegetables, and low-fat yogurt are great choices.
no snacking required

Intense exercise

  • Even you should know that low-intensity exercise will help to use up more calories. Like slow and fast Walking, gardening or doing housework can make quite a difference.
intense exercise

The weight loss supplement leads to weight loss.

The supplement industry is massive. Various companies claim that their supplements have drastic effects, but they’re rarely very effective when studied.

The main reason that supplements work for some people is the placebo effect. People sometimes fall for the marketing tactics and want the supplements to help them lose weight, so they become more conscious of what they are eating.

the weight loss supplements leads to weight loss

Basic Rules to stay healthy and fit apart from following a diet.

  • Drink at least 10glasses of water regularly
  • try cutting down on sugary and fried food consumption
  • try to cut sorts of packaged foods and start home-cooked and fresh foods instead
  • try doing at least 30mins of exercise 5days a week
  • sleep well for at least 7hrs a day
  • try taking deep breaths to keep your stress under control

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