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    3 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Fatty Love Handles

    Everyone is worried about weight gain and body shape. Our body has different fat deposition areas. Belly fat is most stubborn to lose. And after that comes to love handles. But you can get rid of fatty love handles if you follow healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

    “Love handles,” very lovely to hear, but once they get fatty, then hard to lose. ‘Love handles’ means excessive fat that deposits around both sides of the waist and hangs out of the top of pants. It is tough to hide it, and the entire body looks shapeless. It is also called a “Muffin top,” as it looks like a baked muffin top. Dietary changes, behavioral changes, and some exercises are the simple ways to get rid of fatty love handles.

    Ways To Get Rid Of Fatty Love Handles

    1. Dietary Changes

    1. Avoid Sugary And Starchy Foods

    Avoid Sugary And Starchy Foods
    Source: Eat This, Not That

    Include whole cereals in your daily diet. Salads and vegetables are good to fulfill your hunger than simple sugary sweets. Excessive sugar from the sweet remains in the body unused and gets converted into fat, which deposits around your waist.

    2. Home Made Food Is The Best

    Home Made Food Is The Best
    Source: Unsplash

    Eat homemade food. It is made with love, care, and in a clean atmosphere. My experience says homemade food is easy to metabolize. Food from hotels and street vendors are unsafe to eat. The amount of fat used is much more than required, and they use soda bicarbonate, Ajinomoto, food additives, and food colors that increase toxins in the body.

    3. Alcohol Is The Cause For “False Appetite”

    Alcohol Is The Cause For "False Appetite"
    Source: Healthline

    Alcohol increases the feeling of hunger by stimulating brain cells that regulate appetite. It causes you to consume more calories, which leads to fatty deposits around the belly and waist. Alcoholic beverages contain sugar and only empty calories, leading to gain weight and harmful visceral fat.

    4. Detoxification Is Necessary

    Detoxification Is Necessary
    Source: SheKnows

    Detox is necessary to remove the overload of toxins from the body. Excess fat is also a toxin. You can detox your body once or twice a month. On detox day, go far with fruits, vegetables, juices, coconut water, and green tea. This will be rest to your digestive system. It will help you to burn fat also. Drinking enough water is good for detoxification.

    5. Boost Your Protein Intake

    Boost Your Protein Intake
    Source: Delicious

    Protein keeps your body lean and gives you a good shape. If you are not taking enough protein quantity, you will not see the required weight loss results. Vegan people can get protein through soybeans and soy products like soy milk, nuggets, etc. Milk is a good source of protein. Non-vegetarians can include egg whites, roasted chicken, fish, etc., in their diet.

    2. Behavioral Changes

    Behavioral Changes
    Source: Eat This, Not That
    • Listen to your stomach. Sometimes, we misunderstand hunger. And keep on eating. The body needs enough water to keep working and refreshed. So check out whether it is hungry or thristy. Drink enough water.
    • Choose food wisely. It will keep you away from the overload of calories. For example, eat whole wheat roti over maida roti or whole wheat bread over maida bread, whole fruits rather than sugary sweets, etc.
    • Train your mind to recognize craving and real hunger. Cravings for sweets can be stopped by eating dry dates, black currants, dark chocolate, bananas, sapota (chiku), etc.
    • Sitting for more than half an hour at one place will increase fat around the waist. Move around every half hour. Do some simple exercises every two hours. You can also do some exercises while sitting on a chair.
    • Keep fruits or roasted chana in your bag. So, you can have it when you are hungry. It will keep you away from junk foods like pizza, burgers, vada pav, etc.
    • Keep healthy foods at a place where you can see and find them easily. Keeping junk snacks out of sight will help you cease nibbling in between meals.
    • Do not go to the grocery shop when you are hungry.
    • Eat meals on time and in the right quantity.
    • Use of the staircase instead of the lift and walk for small distances make a bigger difference.
    • Learn to say “No’. Don’t force-eat any unnecessary calories.
    • Stay motivated. Weight loss is a game where you win when you lose fat.

    3. Exercise Regularly

    Exercise Regularly
    Source: Men’s Health

    Exercise is an important and essential part of fitness and weight loss. We will discuss functional workouts to get rid of fatty love handles.

    Warm-up for 10 min and do cardio exercise for 20 mins. Before starting the functional exercise regime, noted here. Stretching and cool down for 5 min, after you finish the workout. Cooldown is an important part, as it reduces the sourness of muscles.

    Don’t believe in spot reduction. You can get rid of fatty love handles only if overall body fat is reduced. “There is no shortcut to lose weight.” Only proper diet and exercise will help you to get a lean and fit body. Try these suggested ways to get rid of fatty love handles.

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