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    8 Essential Foods To Boost Hair Growth

    Long, healthy, shiny, and lustrous hair is the dream of every woman, and indeed, I can say it is the crowning glory of every woman. But good news, ladies, you can consume the listed foods to boost hair growth. Fulfilling the body’s nutritional needs promotes healthy growth of hair, and all you have to do is include these in your diet.

    It is essential to maintain the scalp healthy. Still, it is critical to pay attention to it. Today’s hectic life as hair strands are exposed to environmental pollution and various chemicals, the hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. However, some other factors, such as age, gender, and imbalanced diet, cause various hair problems.

    Hair strands are made up of a tough protein called keratin, and it is needed to nourish the hair strands with different minerals and vitamins. Here is a list of some best foods to boost hair growth that you can include in your daily diet to promote healthy hair growth.

    Essential Foods To Boost Hair Growth

    1. Eggs

    Source: Skinnytaste

    Egg contains a good quality protein and biotin. Hair strands are made up of keratin protein. Also, biotin is required for the synthesis of protein. Thus, it is essential to include protein supplements in a daily diet; otherwise, lack of protein will cause hair fall. Egg also contains some other minerals such as zinc, selenium, and other compounds, making the egg one of the best foods to boost hair growth.

    2. Iron-loaded Green Leafy Vegetables

    Iron-loaded Green Leafy Vegetables

    Vegetables contain iron, zinc, vitamin A and C, mainly spinach. If you have an iron deficiency, then it links to many health issues. Iron deficiency causes hair fall as hair roots do not get enough oxygen, preventing hair growth and weaker hair strands. Vitamin A in spinach helps to produce sebum, which moisturizes the scalp.

    3. Avocados

    Source: Healthy World Cuisine

    Avocado is one of the delicious and nutritious supplements for healthy hair growth. It contains a rich amount of vitamin E with antioxidant properties that help comb oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicles and stopping the greying of hair.

    Vitamin E has the property of improving blood circulation; thus, it speeds up hair growth. Also, essential fatty acids are not produced by the body. Hence, add avocados to the daily diet in the form of salad or make a tasty smoothie for all hair problems.

    4. Citrus Fruits

    Citrus Fruits
    Source: Treehugger

    Vitamin C has anti-dandruff properties; thus, it prevents hair fall. Citrus fruits also provide collagen protein, strengthen the hair strands, and prevent them from getting brittle and damaged. Also, vitamin C is required for iron absorption. Thus, if iron deficiency is there, then it causes many hair problems.

    5. Nuts And Seeds

    Nuts And Seeds
    Source: Brewing Happiness

    Our body does not make essential healthy fats; hence, it needs to provide them to the body from diet. Especially, almonds and walnuts containing omega 3 fatty acids make hair stronger and thicker. Flaxseeds also provide the same benefits as above.

    6. Beans

    Source: Food & Style

    Beans contain a good amount of plant-based sources of protein, zinc, iron, and biotin. This great combination of healthy nutrients promotes optimal hair health. Beans are also versatile and inexpensive, which we can easily include in the diet.

    7. Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet Potatoes
    Source: Macheesmo

    Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A in our body. Vitamin A helps to produce sebum that makes the scalp healthier. Also, it prevents the regressing of hair follicles so that follicles could start boosting hair growth.

    8. Meat

    Source: The Healthy

    Meat with protein aids growth and repair every hair related problem, especially red meat. Red meat is a rich source of iron, which helps RBCs circulate oxygen in the body, including hair follicles. This helps promote hair growth. But avoid overeating meat to get the benefits because overconsumption is not good for your body.

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