7 Ways for Maintaining Balance in Life and Its Significance

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ways to maintain a balance in life

Importance of Maintaining Balance in our Day-to-Day Lives

There’s definitely a lot of buzz about maintaining balance in life these days. It is important to carve out enough time for things we want to do and things we need to do; of things that drain us and the ones that feed us. It is vital to take out adequate amount of time for healthy meals, sleep, and other life-affirming activities so that we don’t drown in only work and chores. 

7 Ways for Maintaining Balance in Life and Its Significance

1. Take a Day Off

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People everywhere can identify with the need to take just one day off from the pressure or monotony of life. On this day, prioritize doing things that feel restful.

2. Step Out

maintaining balance in life
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Make exercise a must-do, not a should-do. 

3. Social Life

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Spending time with friends and family can eliminate stress and give you the time to enjoy yourself and share with your loved ones.

4. Disconnect to Connect

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Your mental health is important. Treat yourself with your favorite shows, activities or foods.

5. Counseling

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In order to help you release stress, it is important for you to recognize it. A professional counselor does that job for you. 

6. Meditation

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10 minutes of meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance. 

7. Maintained diet, maintains life! 

ways to maintain a balance in life
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What is Negative Stress? How to cope with it?

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Negative stress can be caused due to multiple behaviors such as criticizing yourself – also called negative self-talk. It has seemed to have an adverse effect on people, how they perceive things and themselves. Individuals rely on substance abuse as a coping mechanism resulting in a disconnection from the actual world.

Whereas some common healthy coping strategies are as follows:

Maintain Emotional Composure

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Take out time to express distressing emotions with the help of emotionally supportive relationships. Ask others whom you confide in to help you or assist you in problem-solving and managing hostile feelings. 

Try using one of the Four A’s

Avoid, alter, accept, or adapt. 

Write It Down

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Journaling daily at the end of your day can help you recognize problems, fears and concerns. It gives you an overview of your triggers and recurring negative thoughts that you can work on later. 

Avoid Substance Abuse such as Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, etc

Source: neconnected.co.uk


It’s about recognizing when you’re getting out of balance, and righting yourself. It is important for you to take out time for your well-being in this fast-paced modern world. Your physical as well as mental health is pivotal to your growth. Such small steps can help you be better than before!

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