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menstrual cups

Modern Day Menstruation: How Menstrual Cups are Highly Effective

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Over the years, menstruation has had many labels, taboos and stigmas. It has been referred to as both a cure ...

types of eating disorders

What are the Alarming Types of Eating Disorders?

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Eating disorders often develop during the teen or young adult years of an individual, although they can develop at other ...

consuming sugar

Consuming Sugar – Yay or Nay?

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Let’s Clear the Confusion Sugar – it tastes the sweetest on the tongue, yet it has a bittersweet reputation. All ...

diagnosed with pcos

Is it Okay to be Diagnosed with PCOS?

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PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is becoming more prevalent amongst women who are in their menstruating or reproductive age. However, ...

ways to maintain a balance in life

7 Ways for Maintaining Balance in Life and Its Significance

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Importance of Maintaining Balance in our Day-to-Day Lives There’s definitely a lot of buzz about maintaining balance in life these ...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

10 Health benefits of eating apples daily

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The proverb first appeared in the 19th century, suggesting that the consumption of an apple once a day for the ...