Modern Day Menstruation: How Menstrual Cups are Highly Effective

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Over the years, menstruation has had many labels, taboos and stigmas. It has been referred to as both a cure and a curse. Women all over the globe experiment with multiple menstruation products to make their monthly cycle easier to deal with. Keeping this in mind, various companies have been rapidly introducing innovative ideas to give these women a hassle free menstrual experience that is reliable as well as hygienic. One such product is the menstrual cup. 

Menstrual cups: How Do They Work? 

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Menstrual cups are eco-friendly alternatives to pads and tampons. This menstrual hygiene device is inserted into the vagina when a woman is on her periods. When inserted, this silicon cup springs open and rests against your vaginal walls. It collects the blood that comes down with the shedding of the uterus lining and prevents leakage. The menstrual cup can be worn up to 6-12 hours depending upon the type of flow you have. 

In order to remove your cup:

  1. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Next step is to put your index finger and thumb inside your vagina gently until you reach the tail of the cup.
  3. Pinch the base and slowly pull the cup down.
  4. Once the cup is removed, empty it into the toilet. 

How to figure out the right cup size for you

  • Age 
  • Whether you’ve given birth vaginally 
  • Firmness and flexibility of your cup 
  • Length of the cervix 
  • Menstrual Flow 
  • Cup capacity 

Hygiene and aftercare of the cup 

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The menstrual cups are reusable which makes them extremely reliable and affordable for woman. Make sure to sterilize the menstrual cup for 20 minutes between each menstrual cycle to keep it clean and free of any bacteria. With proper care these little devices can last for 6-10 years. 

Pros of Menstrual Cups 

Pocket Friendly

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Unlike pads and tampons that need to be regularly bought, this cup is extremely affordable and can last for years. 

Protection against TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)

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Menstrual cups collect your blood, not absorb them. 

Eco Friendly

menstrual cups
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No more contribution of waste to the environment! 

You can leave it in for 12 hours!

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No Odour

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The airtight seal prevents your period blood to get exposed to air which stops it from stinking. 

Cons of menstrual cups 

Interference with an IUD

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Intrauterine device is inserted by gynaecologists into a woman’s vagina to prevent pregnancy. It is possible that while pulling out the cup one can make the mistake of pulling the IUD string without their knowledge. 

It can get messy

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You might find inserting the cup extremely easy but its removal can be a little tricky. 

Tough to Find the Right Size

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These cups come in different sizes depending upon multiple factors. It can take some trials, leaks and errors to find the perfect fit for you. 


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The menstrual cup appears to be a safer and comfortable choice for menstrual hygiene. Managing menstrual hygiene can be challenging in poor households with school-aged girls and working women, but this cup gives them a chance to spend little money for years of joy. Along with its affordability the results demonstrate that this reusable environment friendly device has no serious health risks and complications. With years of lack of awareness, the menstrual cup is finally gaining its popularity. 

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