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    Are You Aware Of The Tooth Erosion In Your Mouth?

    Dentists emphasize the importance of oral hygiene. But why is dental health significant?

    Dental health means the hygiene of all parts of the mouth – teeth, gums, and internal parts of the cheeks.

    As the tooth erosion worsens, you can’t chew food and therefore, your body doesn’t get essential nutrients which can further cause health complications.

    Did you know that dental health depends on the outer layer of the teeth called enamel?

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    Lets Check What Exactly Enamel Is.

    tooth erosion
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    The enamel on teeth is the opaque, translucent, hardest and highly mineralized protective outer coating of each tooth to defend against tooth decay.

    Secondly, can enamel grow back during our lifespan?

    Enamel does not have any living cells and is unable to repair itself if there is any physical damage.

    Enamel erosion is irreversible and our body can’t produce more of it to replace the destroyed enamel, hence it won’t grow back.

    However, if you have erosion; enamel protection should be your utmost priority.

    Let’s read on to learn more about Tooth Erosion.

    What Is Tooth Erosion?

    tooth erosion
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    Dental Erosion or Enamel Erosion is the irreversible wearing away of the enamel by an acidic compound which results in destroyed enamel structure.

    What Are The Potential Factors That Lead To Erosion?

    Highly acidic and sugary stuff is the culprit behind tooth erosion. These substances soften the enamel which is easily worn away during bruxism (grinding of teeth).

    Below is the list of abrasive foods and drinks to avoid:

    Carbonated Beverages or Diet Drinks

    Source: technavio

    Citrus Juices like Lemon or Orange

    tooth erosion
    Source: waters

    Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks or Cider


    Candy or Ice Cream

    Source: candyindustry

    Certain Types of Pastas and Bread

    Source: carolinacountry

    Chewable Vitamin C Tablets

    Source: holidaysmart

    All these foods cause cavities along with avoiding brushing and flossing.

    Complications of Tooth erosion

    Primarily, Tooth Sensitivity because of excessive consumption of hot, cold, acidic and spicy food or drinks

    Source: mcleansville

    Discoloration or Yellowish Teeth

    Source: artofsmiles

    Rounded looking teeth (especially canines and incisors) as ridges of the enamel wear away

    Source: kellynhodges

    Transparent appearance of tooth due to thinning of enamel and yellowness of the underlying dentin

    Source: kumarkolar

    Shiny spots on teeth

    Source: fabhow

    At Extreme Stage, Below Symptoms Might Occur

    Cracked tooth as extreme tooth erosion causes the tooth edges to become cracked and rough

    Source: toddfranklin

    Cracked tooth causes the bacteria and acids to penetrate inside the mouth leading to problems ranging from cavities to tooth decay.

    Source: zealdentistry

    Cupping starts to develop on biting areas of the teeth

    Source: dentagama

    Treatment Or Preventive Measures

    The treatment plan completely depends on the problems you are dealing with. Following are the listed treatment options:

    To repair Enamels

    If there is extreme enamel erosion, the dentist would suggest you to opt for Tooth Bonding. It is a cosmetic procedure in which tooth-colored material ‘resin’ is applied to mask the stained teeth. Once the resin gets hardened, it is bonded to the teeth and finally trimmed and polished to fix it properly.

    Secondly, you may cover up the damaged teeth with crown to prevent further decay or any complications

    Source: newmouth

    Modify the pH level of your food and beverages which could be causing problems

    Source: everydayhealth

    Avoid abrasively brushing and use a soft bristled toothbrush

    Source: northcoastdental

    Wait before brushing

    Source: pronamel

    Brush your teeth after half an hour of eating as acids may soften your enamel which results in damaged teeth. Meanwhile, you can floss your teeth.

    Sip water alongside eating acidic stuff or sugary food as it helps to rinse out the acids

    Source: onmanorama

    Apply Fluoride Gel to your teeth

    Source: keystone

    Try dairy products or coconut water as they are natural and sugar free instead of sipping sugary, carbonated drinks

    Source: Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

    Take antacid tablets to neutralize the acidic food effects

    Source: wikipedia

    Drink acidic beverages with a straw as it helps to reduce their contact with the teeth

    Source: cafecampesino

    Common Ayurvedic Practices To Heal Dental Problems

    Chew a twig of neem, banyan, babul or holy basil as they possess antibacterial properties and relieve all the dental worries

    Source: healthyvillaggio

    Use garlic, rock salt, guava or mango leaves which work as enamel cleansers and strengthen the gums too

    Source: indiamart

    Use a decoction of Triphala or Yashtimadhu to maintain oral hygiene

    Source: hindustantimes

    Before going to bed, apply a mixture of salt or baking soda with lime to prevent discoloration of teeth

    Source: quora

    Eat calcium rich food

    Source: parkcrest

    Apply a paste of turmeric, salt and mustard oil on teeth and gums to prevent tooth decay

    Source: tastyhealthyfoodrecipes

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