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    7 Benefits of HIIT: Why You Should Include It In Your Routine

    Whenever you are exercising, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) should come to your mind. HIIT is considered the best workout which can be done in the least amount of time. It is actually worth trying.

    HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training refers to a very specific training which is a form of cardio exercise. It is characterized by intense exercises done in a short period of time, alternated with low-intensity recovery periods which make up the protocol that aims to maximize athletic performance under certain conditions where the muscles are deprived of oxygen.

    If you are seeking to build strength and muscle endurance or trying to lose weight, HIIT is a great form of exercise to include in your regular workout routine.

    Benefits of HIIT:

    Research has shown that HIIT can burn 25-30% more Calories than any other form of exercise.

    benefits of hiit
    Source: safetykart

    HIIT has proven to improve Cardiovascular Health, Insulin Sensitivity, Cholesterol Profiles, and Abdominal Fat and Body Weight while Maintaining Muscle Mass.

    benefits of hiit
    Source: everydayhealth

    HIIT can boost your youth hormones. It has been shown in a study that regular exercise plus HIIT sprints on a bike Increased Testosterone level by 17% in 3 months. 

    Source: drjefffoster

    It helps in Losing Fat and Improving Metabolism

    benefits of hiit
    Source: everydayhealth

    It is the best exercise routine when you have a time crunch and want to get the best and effective output. You can lose up to 500 calories in a 40 minute workout depending on the type of exercise and the ratio you choose.

    Source: purewow

    Many athletes who perform HIIT on a regular basis have found that they can run longer at higher speeds when they followed this routine regularly for some time.

    Source: healthline

    Improved Brain Functioning as well as Cognitive Function

    Source: clevelandclinic

    Schedule and Routine For Beginners:

    The 10-minute Workout

    Source: shocktraining

    Start with a warm-up by doing your preferred form of aerobic exercise for 2 minutes. Then pick up the speed for 20 seconds, working hard enough that you are too tired to even speak. Slow it down to your original pace for 1 minute. Add another 20-second max effort, rest for 2 minutes, and then add a last 20-second final max effort. Cool down for 2 minutes at your original pace with some stretching exercises.

    Length of an HIIT Workout

    Source: irishtimes

    An HIIT workout can range from four minutes to 20-30 minutes or more. The beginner must aim for 10-15 minutes of HIIT and increase the number of intervals for a longer workout as your fitness quotient and stamina improves. 

    How often should you do HIIT?

    Source: kaizohealth

    The number of HIIT workouts you do each week will depend on what other training you are doing. For beginners, you can aim to complete two or three HIIT workouts each week and gradually, you can increase the frequency.

    Best Types of HIIT Workouts:

    Source: freeletics

    The effectiveness of the HIIT workout ultimately depends on the exercises that are involved in it. HIIT workouts are mostly based on cardiovascular exercises, it’s important to note that you can alternate these movements to target whatever muscle groups you want to focus on. The best HIIT exercises are those that incorporate both cardio exercises and strengthening exercises. For example:


    Source: harvardthchan


    Source: thriveglobal


    Source: men’sjournal

    Abdominal Crunches

    Source: muscleandfitness

    Jumping Jacks

    Source: bamboozle

    High Knees (except for those who have knee and joint issues)

    Source: healthline

    Cable Chops

    Source: popsugar

    Squats (half or full)

    Source: bettylugoforda

    Chest Press

    Source: bodybuilding

    Plank (holding for minimum 30 seconds)

    Source: men’shealth
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