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    11 Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises

    Aerobics exercises can prove beneficial for our body’s health. Wikipedia defines “aerobic” as “relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen” and combining it with an exercise means providing oxygen to the body through exercise. They uses oxygen via aerobic metabolism. These eleven benefits of aerobic exercises for you that would make you start practicing them.

    Aerobic exercises pump your blood and muscle activity; these exercises are also known as cardiovascular activity. Some examples of aerobic exercises are walking, jogging, biking, swimming, running, hiking, rowing, etc. They are easy and comfortable to do. Let’s continue further to understand what are the benefits of aerobic exercises and how healthy they are for our lifestyle.

    Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises

    1. Aerobic Exercises Improve Cardiovascular Health

    Aerobic Exercises Improve Cardiovascular Health
    Source: FirstCry Parenting

    The American Hospital Association (AHA) recommends aerobic exercises to people with or at risk of heart disease. These exercises strengthen our heart and efficiently pumps blood throughout the body. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Therefore, practicing aerobic exercises improve heart health, preventing any heart problems.

    2. Aerobic Exercises Lower Blood Pressure

    Aerobic Exercises Lower Blood Pressure
    Source: Athletico Physical Therapy

    Doctors recommend the DASH Diet to patients with hypertension. Along with this diet, aerobic exercises are a great way to tackle hypertension. Cardiovascular exercise may help us in managing our symptoms of high blood pressure. Exercises help lower high blood pressure levels in the body.

    3. Aerobic Exercises Reduce Asthma Symptoms

    Aerobic Exercises Reduce Asthma Symptoms
    Source: Healthline

    Aerobic exercises can help lessen both the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. New studies suggest that aerobic exercises can actually improve asthma symptoms. But you should always talk to the doctor before beginning a new exercise routine if you have asthma. Consider eating healthy foods for asthma with the exercises.

    4. Aerobic Exercises Reduce Chronic Pain

    Source: Greatist

    Aerobic exercises reduce fatigue and pain in people, maintaining their bodies fit and healthy. If you suffer from back pain, cardiovascular exercise, like low-impact activities, for example, swimming or aqua aerobics, helps us get back muscle function and endurance. 

    5. Aerobic Exercises Promote Sleep

    Aerobic Exercises Promote Sleep
    Source: Women’s Health

    If you have sleep issues at night, try cardiovascular exercises during your waking hours. A study on individuals with chronic sleep issues revealed that regular exercise combined with proper sleep hygiene is an effective treatment for insomnia. But exercising too close to bedtime may make it more difficult to sleep. Complete your workout at least two hours before bedtime.

    6. Aerobic Exercises Regulate Weight

    Aerobic Exercises Regulate Weight
    Source: FirstCry Parenting

    Diet and exercise are the building blocks to weight loss. But aerobic exercises alone can help in losing weight. Aerobic exercises intend on burning excess calories in the body. Exercising always helps in shedding extra pounds of fats as they help burn extra calories.

    7. Aerobic Exercises Strengthen The Immune System

    Aerobic Exercises Strengthen The Immune System
    Source: Medium

    Few researchers at Pennsylvania State University conducted a test on active and sedentary women and the effect of exercises on their immune systems.

    The first group exercised on a treadmill for about 30 minutes. The second group did an intense activity over 30 seconds. The third group was completely sedentary. They took blood from the women pre, post, and at different intervals.

    Results showed increased antibodies amount in the blood, known as immunoglobulins, in regular and moderate aerobic exercise, strengthening the immune system. The sedentary group of women has no improvement in immune system function. Their cortisol levels were more than those in the active groups.

    8. Aerobic Exercises Improve The Brainpower

    Aerobic Exercises Improve The Brainpower
    Source: Frontiers for Young Minds

    Scientists have discovered that aerobic exercises slow brainpower loss and improve cognitive performance. So, in a study (according to Healthline),

    • Fifty-five older adults submitted magnetic resonance imaging scans for evaluation. 
    • They tested participants to assess their health, including their aerobic fitness.
    • The most active individuals showed fewer reductions in the brain’s frontal, parietal, and temporal areas. 

    9. Aerobic Exercises Boost Our Mood

    Aerobic Exercises Boost Our Mood
    Source: Psychology Today

    Do we know that moving our body may also improve our mood? A study on individuals with depression asked participants to walk on a treadmill doing intervals for 30 minutes a session. Post 10 days, they were told to show if there are any changes in their mood. These results suggest that engaging in exercise has a significant impact on mood, even for a short period.

    10. Aerobic Exercises Are Safe And Easy For Most People, Including Kids

    Aerobic Exercises Are Safe And Easy For Most People, Including Kids
    Source: LoveToKnow

    Doctors recommend aerobic exercises for most people (for older or people with chronic health conditions). But always consult with your doctor to find out if it works best for you and is safe. Even children should do regular aerobic exercise. Aim to get your child to move at least 60 mins each day. Moderate activities are suitable, but kids should get into the vigorous zone for at least three days a week.

    11. Aerobic Exercises Are Affordable And Easily Accessible

    Aerobic Exercises Are Affordable And Easily Accessible
    Source: Medical News Today

    Say goodbye to the gym as aerobic exercises are affordable to do. Daily exercise is always helpful for the body. Walking for 30 mins around your neighborhood or jogging for 40 mins will always prove beneficial for your body.

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