What Is Reiki Healing?

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What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is cosmic healing energy, also known as Prana shakti. This concept was initially discovered by Lord Buddha and re-discovered by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. This concept came into practice once it returned from Japan and was not widely known until it was practiced in India. Buddha disciples earlier used this as a self-healing mechanism, who would travel around to spread Buddha’s teachings and fall ill or get hurt as the roads were not well built in those days. 

Reiki healing is perfect for self-healing. It removes blockages at every level, including physical, mental, and emotional. The word “Reiki” means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign,” which stands true to its practice. It is an amalgamation of two Japanese words: “Rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy).

What Does Reiki Healing Do?

What Does Reiki Healing Do?
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Reiki healing helps the flow of pranas. Since the prana flows in every body movement, if the chakras are blocked, a smooth flow of prana is not possible. For this, we need to activate the chakras first. 

To activate chakras, there are two options: one is active, and the other is passive. In active chakra, we use some Yoga postures to activate the chakras. In passive chakra, we use meditation methods giving instructions to concentrate on each region of the chakras. 

Reiki healing removes the blockages of the chakras and helps the prana to move through different nadis smoothly. It activates the self-healing mechanism in any living being. Here we start from the topmost chakra, moving down to the bottom. 

Why Is The Activation Of Chakras Important?

Why Is The Activation Of Chakras Important?
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Activation of chakras is useful for the flow of prana. In case any chakra is blocked, prana does not move smoothly. In this case, the healer works as a medium to heal the recipient or patient. It helps to channelize energy in the recipient. Energy flows through 10 fingertips and the center of the palm. The healer holds the palm of the sufferer to transmit healing energy and help to heal faster. When you hold the palm and give each chakra’s instructions, you feel a slight sensation in the palm or sometimes heat when that chakra is mentioned, which is a weaker one.

A Reiki session lasts for 30-35 minutes. It can be done in person or in the distance. In distance healing, you require the photo and name of the sufferer. During in-person sessions, you make the person lie down comfortably on a mat or sit in any comfortable posture if the person is relaxed. Affirmation is the receptors to thoughts.

The Sequence Of The Chakras In Reiki Healing

The Sequence Of The Chakras In Reiki Healing
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Let’s look at the sequence of the chakra with a bit of detailing of each chakra. 

Shasra (The crown chakra)

It pays attention to the head’s occipital region, the emotion center. This chakra is violet in color with a thousand petal lotus flowers, governing the pineal glands. 

Ajna (The brow chakra)

It is situated at the center of the eyebrows. It is dark blue in color, with two petaled lotus flowers governing the pituitary gland.

Vishuddhi (The throat chakra)

It is situated at the base of the throat. It is sky blue in color. It represents the element ether, with a 16 petaled lotus flower. It governs the thyroid glands and the lungs. 

Anahat (The heart chakra)

It is located at the chest’s center. It is green in color with 12 petaled lotus flowers. It represents the element air governing the circulatory and immune systems. 

Manipur (The solar plexus chakra)

It is situated just above the navel region. It is yellow in color, with ten petaled lotus flowers representing the element fire. It governs the spleen and stomach.

Swadisthan (The sacral chakra)

It is situated just below the navel near the abdomen. It consists of 6 petaled lotus flowers. It is orange in color and represents the element water. It governs reproductive organs, bladder, and the bowel. 

Mooladhara (The root chakra)

It is situated at the spine’s base, with four-petaled lotus flowers. It is red in color. It represents the earth element. It governs the back, feet, and ovaries.

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