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    The Pros and Cons of Applying Makeup and Cosmetics

    Beauty routines and makeovers are on a peak nowadays but what are the pros and cons of applying makeup and cosmetics in excess?

    In today’s period, beauty products and makeovers have formed into a solid instrument to enhance yourself and get individual certainty. Women have a sense of safety and surety while applying beauty products and cosmetics.

    pros and cons of applying makeup
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    It’s a characteristic sense to be, and to look excellent. Women didn’t take long to understand that cosmetics can make them look dazzling. Makeovers have become a very important part of women’s and in some men’s life.

    Let’s look into the pros and cons of applying makeup and chemical cosmetics.


    Wearing Makeup Can Make You Look Beautiful With Well-Defined Features

    pros and cons of applying makeup
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    It’s not like you won’t look beautiful without make up, every human being is attractive due to their personality.

    Makeup Helps To Cover Up Insecurities About Yourself

    pros and cons of applying makeup
    Source: verywellhealth

    There are women and men who have insecurities because of some marks, scars or blemishes on the face. Makeup helps a person hide that one thing they are insecure about.

    Having Makeup On Enhances Your Confidence Level

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    Wearing makeup on some important events or meetings makes you feel strong and confident. It brings out the best in you. Having a bold look in an event or meeting helps you to become the best version of yourself. You feel self-assured and confident while presenting.

    Makeup Cleanses Your Skin

    Source: dermascope

    Some of the beauty products have good, natural and healthier ingredients in them. They provide benefits in many different ways like brightening the skin, removal of scars and marks on your face and much more.

    It Makes You Look Creative And Feel Creative

    Source: coursehorse

    A makeover can take 5 minutes to 5 hours for putting efforts to make a person look beautiful. It might be time consuming but the results are just overwhelming and commendable.

    10 Tips to Start a Cosmetics Online...
    10 Tips to Start a Cosmetics Online Business

    Skin Damage And Dangerous Reactions

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    Applying an excess amount of makeup and chemical products has a risk of damaging your skin. It may make your skin rough and tight which can have harmful effects in the future.

    It Can Clog Your Pores

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    Oil-based products can clog your pores if you wear them for a long period of time because the longer the makeup stays, the deeper and greater damage it does to your skin.

    Excessive Amount Of Makeup Can Cause Irritation To Your Skin

    Source: oxygenetix

    Some of the makeup products contain certain chemicals in them which can lead to a skin allergy. Redness, itching and burning on the skin can be really irritating to handle. For example, using lipstick in excess can damage and make your lips’ outer skin rough and it would look worse when you are not wearing it.

    Any Beauty Care Product Which Has Poisonous Components is Harmful

    Source: skinkraft

    Such cosmetics might not have any side effects in the beginning but they can cause cancer in the future. Daily utilization of cosmetics may have a role to play in developing cancer.

    Eyes Are One Of The Most Sensitive Parts Of The Human Body Which Need Special Care And Treatment

    Source: redapplelipstick

    Eye makeup, if not applied carefully, can cause eye infections and serious trouble. It can make a person partially blind or they could lose their eyesight forever if not done correctly.

    It Requires A Lot Of Time And Patience

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    Applying heavy makeup takes around 4 to 5 hours of time and it could be just a few hours of performance or meeting. Working on a makeup look for 5 to 6 hours which lasts for maximum 3 hours is an absolute waste of time.

    Precautions That Need To Be Taken While Applying Makeup

    Do not apply makeup in an excessive amount as it might damage or cause irritation to the skin.

    Source: w3explore

    Always go through the ingredients used in making the final product as a person could be allergic to some items.

    Source: paula’schoice

    It is a safety practice prior to the application of cosmetics.

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