Consuming Sugar – Yay or Nay?

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consuming sugar

Let’s Clear the Confusion

Sugar – it tastes the sweetest on the tongue, yet it has a bittersweet reputation. All our food items such as fruits, vegetables or grains carry a little amount of natural sugar, which plays a vital role in supplying energy to our cells. Consuming sugar; especially added sugar, has seemed to increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. 

Before moving further, lets understand the two types of sugar:

Natural Sugar

consuming sugar
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These are naturally occurring sugars that are found in fruits, milk, vegetables etc. These are complex carbs that regulate your blood sugar levels and supply nutrition and energy to the cells present in your body. 

Added Sugar

consuming sugar
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Refined white sugar, honey, brown sugar are examples of added sugars. These can be classified into simple carbs that carry minimal nutritional value and can easily trigger your blood glucose levels.

Although sugar has multiple adverse effects on your body, there is no doubt that it is a necessary supplement for survival.

Consuming sugar in a moderate amount can provide you with some benefits such as: 

Boosting & Storing Energy 

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The glucose present in sugar gets converted in energy that is later on used by your body to perform simple activities. 

Instant Mood Uplift 

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It is found that consuming sugar immediately activates the pleasure center of our brain, showing a rush of dopamine that is a happy hormone. 

Good for your Brain

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What if I told you that your favorite sweet comes with health benefits! 

Chocolate contains cocoa flavanols that help increase the cognitive function of the brain and can improve thinking skills regardless of cognitive impairments. 

Unhealthy Effects of Sugar

It can cause Severe Weight Gain

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Let’s not forget the famous saying, “A moment on the lips, can last forever on the hips!”

Increased Risk of Cancer, Heart Diseases, Diabetes and Depression 

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Accelerates the Skin and Cellular Ageing Process 

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Sugar can be the reason for your Acne too 

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Lowers your Metabolism 

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Healthy Alternatives 

Don’t feel so low just yet! You can still feel the sweetness of sugar on your tongue with the help of some healthy alternatives such as: 


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The consumption of raw honey can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and can provide you with some beneficial properties. Honey is rich in antioxidants, zinc, iron, calcium and potassium. 


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You can find stevia in forms of packed boxes or liquid drops in any local grocery store near your house. 


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They are famous for their amazing caramel flavor. Just ground them into a paste and treat yourself with a healthy delicious natural substitute. The paste can be added to smoothies, cakes or for sweetening any food item. 

Maple Syrup 

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Pure maple syrup is made from the sap of the maple tree. This famous pancake topping is extremely rich in calcium, zinc, manganese and iron.

Bottom Line 

Completely giving up on sugars and sweeteners can deprive you of the little joy that you get from your favorite food items. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that consumption of these in moderation won’t harm you. 

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