5 Effective Ways To Control Your Food Habits

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5 Effective Ways To Control Your Food Habits

Unhealthy foods are not advised for a healthy body due to its flaws. It causes many more health concerns which people are not aware of and creeps into the delicious flavors that come from fancy names. People do it by overeating and indulging very often in get-togethers. It causes our own downfall, owing to health conditions we cannot easily get through. With these five effective ways to control your food habits, you can easily manage consumption of the unhealthy foods.

Therefore, it is true when said, “Don’t Dig Your Grave With Your Own Knife And Fork.” Who said that we cannot dig our graves before we die? It is a simple tool that can turn into a weapon in no time. It is typically a type of suicide by Knife and Fork, which people are completely unaware of. The tiny fork continues to destroy us from weeks to months and even years without a sense of realization that it is a weapon of illness. 

Nowadays, markets are flooded with tall and broad – bright, super licking, tempting photos and banners that psychologically invite us for a tour of the junk environment and a call to deteriorate heath excitingly! The super availability of the junk food centers provide us with a super delicious long menu card loaded with varieties of super damaging chemicals, preservatives, and flavor enhancers, simultaneously hypnotizing people of all ages.

A Food For A Thought

A Food For A Thought
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It seems everything is fair for a FOODIE! It is in our heads all the time. We cannot close our eyes when an individual enjoys these foods or cannot stop from our self-listening to our ears when a bestie announces the famous food corner! It is all about the choice that matters!

People are just avoiding the symptoms after consuming those junk foods. Sometimes, a person suffers from diarrhea after eating a street vendor’s best food like pani puri, fries, burgers, etc. As the symptoms disappear, the individual is set to meet his cravings for the next time. Whether it had caused vomiting for a few or not, they are still ready for the next emotional hunger to arrive and satiate their taste buds by feeling healthy emotionally, but sadly, physically unhealthy. We should be aware of our emotions and cravings. We need to control our food habit before it kills us! Therefore, follow these ways to control your food habits and live healthy life.

Ways To Control Your Food Habits

1. Say “NO”

Say "NO"
Source: Thought Catalog

A simple yet effective emotion is coming into play just by saying “NO.” We all can connect with the feeling of being loved emotionally by satiating our taste buds with those unhealthy food options. It is just a psychological and emotional hunger that we can wander off. If you do not stop yourself, this emotional hunger leads to overeating. These yummy but unhealthy foods become a reason for unwanted excess fat in your body, causing obesity or obesity-related hypertension.

2. Portion Size Matters

Portion Size Matters
Source: Vice

Portion size is a concept that many people are unaware of. It simply means having a small portion of the food item that we want to rush instead of completing a bigger portion. A portion size keeps you away from eating extra food that may prove unhealthy to your body. It reminds you how much your food consumption is. It is a win-win situation for all food lovers. Sounds relishing!

3. Practice Mindful Eating

Practice Mindful Eating
Source: Zenful Spirit

Yes! Many of us are eating unconsciously and are unaware that the hunger is fulfilled a time ago. The signals are sent but suppressed due to the non-alertness behavior into indulging “important screening time.” Nowadays, a TV screening in restaurants has become a tool for indirectly the income source, which we never thought of. Practicing mindful eating is beneficial for your body.

4. Educating People

Educating People
Source: Cure Today

Qualified dietitian/nutritionist professionals should be a part of our knowledge session, and education about nutritional labels, myths, and facts should be known. Proper selection of foods depends only upon the proper knowledge, and thus, execution works. For example, many foods contain sugar, but the consumer doesn’t know that; they do not have knowledge of other sugar names used in foods. Therefore, they end up eating sugar without knowing about it.

5. Respect Your Body

Respect Your Body
Source: Happy Family Organics

Love yourself and give utmost respect to your body by nourishing it with superfoods and healthy, yet delicious meals. You will be rewarded back with the best version of yourself! Remember, if we respect our body by putting the right fuel inside, it will make us proud of good health and many compliments that people are waiting to listen to and live life more enthusiastically towards a healthy life.

All in all, if we adopt these effective ways to control your food habits in our daily lives, it is for sure that the body will be giving the best of health and lovely aging. So, let’s hold our hands together and surround ourselves with a healthy and safe environment to help our Government of India make huge participation in FIT INDIA.

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