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    3 Effective Healthy Lifestyle Practices To Follow

    This is a very well-known quote: “A healthy outside starts from the inside.” We care about our worldly things in everyday life but do not focus on the mind and inner self. Therefore, these effective healthy lifestyle practices for a healthy body will help you be fit and strong.

    Our focus is mainly on the outer physical appearance like certain figures, weight, looks, or fitting into a specific size of clothes in the modern world. However, these are too small portions of the recipe of being healthy and incomplete unless we are strong enough from inside to face life’s challenges. Our sleep pattern, healthy diet, rest, positive thinking, satisfaction, and mindset will contribute a lot to our health and fitness. Conversely, the fact to be focused on is one’s inner health.

    A Healthy Style Of Living

    A Healthy Style Of Living
    Source: Byrdie
    • Mental health 
    • Social health 
    • Physical health
    • Emotional health
    • Spiritual health
    • Environmental health

    In the fast-changing work culture, we are unable to find time for ourselves. We are not getting time to look after ourselves and are constantly engaged in work for long hours, affecting our mental and physical health. As a result, our working efficiency suffers; we are unable to concentrate correctly on our work. Therefore, it is most important to take a break, spend some time on self-analysis and bring specific changes in our routine life to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

    Being Healthy Is Also About

    • our mindset
    • how we talk to ourselves
    • our perception about ourselves and life
    • how we live life
    • what our diet consists of
    • are we stressed
    • time for rest in the busy schedule
    • how much water we are drinking
    • how much sleep we are getting 
    • whether we are exercising or not

    We can ensure our internal organs’ efficient functioning by taking required carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, water, fiber, etc., and avoiding junk, highly processed foods, fried foods, fatty foods, and carbonated acidic drinks spicy and excess salty foods. Our inner health and outer appearance are interrelated.

    Healthy Lifestyle Practices For A Healthy Body

    Healthy Lifestyle Practices For A Healthy Body

    It is always better to live a healthy and fruitful life by healthy lifestyle practices, for which it is crucial to keep in mind some do’s and don’ts in our daily routine life.

    1. Physical Health

    Physical Health
    Source: Unsplash

    Many people practice yoga and meditation to sustain themselves healthy from inside as well as outside. It is often seen that a patient suffering from a critical illness recovers very soon due to his strong willpower. Exercise, yoga, or meditation burn calories and cleanse our minds, strengthen and improve our body’s immune system.

    Exercise wellGames on mobile phone, computer, play stations, etc.
    Monitoring weightOverweight
    Practicing yoga and meditationOver-exercises or forced yoga

    2. Mental Health

    Mental Health
    Source: Unsplash

    Our thinking and perception play the most important role in our life. If our thinking is always positive and we never lose hope, it works as a booster to promote our health and happiness unless we are satisfied and content inside our work and action suffers. A negative mindset won’t bring us a healthy life or happy life. Hence, there is a need to cleanse and look forward to pure, clean, and simple living. Find small ways to be happy.

    Sleep well (6-7 hours)Staying stressed
    Have a healthy social networkSpending hours on social networking sites
    Be in touch with positive vibesNegative thinking
    Stay motivatedHarmful blue light from electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc.
    Keep yourself happyHaving irritational thinking
    Feel good about yourself and not what you look like but who you areAnger
    Build self-confidenceFeeling inferior

    3. A Proper Diet

    A Proper Diet
    Source: Healthline

    Our food and diet play an important role in keeping us healthy from inside and outside. Most of the yogis focus on their inner self with their food and lifestyle to remain healthy and live a long life. Eating healthy food in adequate amounts with a time restriction will make our inside healthy and boost our mood with food. Therefore, start eating healthy foods in your breakfast and other meals and proper food habits.

    6-8 glasses of water per dayAlcohol
    Early dinnerCigarettes
    Know your recommended dietary allowances (RDAs)Tobacco
    Balanced dietOvereating
    Fiber-rich foods in the dietEating extra fat in the form of fried and fatty foods
    Consumption of complex carbohydratesConsumption of heavy sugar and heavy carbs
    Fruits and vegetables in the dietJunk foods/processed foods
    Switching mid-day snacks or lunch to heavier alternativesExcess salty food consumption
    Boycott a few unhealthy mealsExcess salty foods

    Extra Care During Covid-19 Times

    Extra Care During Covid-19 Times

    Coronavirus has proved that if a man is strong enough inside, outside bacteria and viruses affect him rarely. The hour’s need is to be strong and healthy from inside to fight and win from external enemies. Therefore, these healthy lifestyle practices ensure you to remain strong.

    Tips To Remain Fit And Healthy

    Tips To Remain Fit And Healthy
    Source: Medical News Today
    • Stay actively engaged in life.
    • Change old routines that you follow. Incorporate healthy home habits.
    • Find a passion or purpose and pursue it, such as getting involved in volunteer work like trying new recipes, recycling waste into beautiful, useful objects, kitchen gardening, etc.
    • Preserve your health.
    • Add years to life in the process.
    • Regular check-ups with your doctor. Visits are necessary, but you can reduce doctor’s visits and trips to the hospital by following healthy habits.

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