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    Is Basmati Rice Healthy?

    When we think of rice, only one thing comes to our mind that is carbs. However, Indian people consume rice almost every day and would never complain about any health problems linked to high carbs. And the secret behind it is basmati rice.

    Basmati rice is high in calories and carbs but has a very high amount of vitamins and minerals like folate, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin E, etc.

    Let’s lookout for its health benefits-

    Diabetic people’s friend-

    Diabetic People are advised to stay away from sugar and rice but what amazing about it is that since Basmati rice has a very low glycemic index compared to other varieties of rice, it does not increase the blood sugar level and keeps insulin level in check.

    diabetic people's friend
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    Better heart health

    Basmati rice is low in saturated fatty acids so it lowers down the risk of many heart diseases. Also, the high fiber content present in it promotes better cardiovascular health.

    better heart health
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    Weight loss

    Now you can have rice without worrying about the extra inches. Because of its high fiber content and complex carbohydrate like amylose, basmati rice aids weight loss.

    weight loss
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    Analogue of whole grain

    we get basmati rice in both brown and white varieties.  Brown basmati rice has a nutty flavor and it contains all parts of the kernel. Its bran is packed with dietary fiber and germ has many micronutrients that’s why a brown variety of basmati rice is considered as a whole grain. Whole grains have so many health benefits that we already know so including brown basmati rice in your diet is indeed a healthy option.

    analogue of whole grain
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    Blood pressure stays in control

    Magnesium and potassium help in reducing the high blood pressure is present in high amount in brown basmati rice.

    blood pressure stays in control
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    Proper Digestion

    Consuming foods that are low in fiber content leads to constipation. Basmati rice is high in soluble fiber that aids digestion.

    proper digestion
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    The conclusion

    Basmati rice has a unique aroma and texture, and its long grains makes it more alluring, packed with nutrients it makes a perfect choice for Indian meals.

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