Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Food Consumption During Baby Development Stages

Nutrition is important in every stage of the life but more crucial during pregnancy, lactation and further the growing stage. Strong foundation will lead...

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    Smriti Jain

    Understand Everything About Wheat Belly Diet

    Ever wondered that giving up wheat could help you to lose those extra pounds? Well, the wheat belly diet promises you this. Written by...

    6 Benefits Of Sweating It Out

    The cliche the more you sweat, the better your workout. In fact, many of us do feel like if we are not sweaty, we...

    6 Eating Habits That Weaken Your Immune System

    Boosting your immune system is the most important thing to do concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. The immune system is your number one defense mechanism...

    6 Healthy Foods That Will Improve Your Mood

    So you think a cheesy burger or momos will make you feel better? Then you need to think again. The science behind your mood...

    Health Benefits Of Nutritional Yeast And How To Use It In Food

    What is nutritional yeast? The short answer to that is that it's a super food. There are so many benefits of it that if I...

    Is Basmati Rice Healthy?

    When we think of rice, only one thing comes to our mind that is carbs. However, Indian people consume rice almost every day and...

    Yoga For Weight Loss

    Since ancient times, yoga has been practiced by millions of people whose practitioners consider it more than just a form of exercise.  The best part...

    8 Foods That Help You Get Rid Of Belly Fat

    Losing is a good thing, especially when we are talking about that stubborn belly fat. It is responsible for heart problems and other health...

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    Body Dysmorphic Disorder- a Mental Illness

    Where it all started! Our self-absorption with physical appearance takes us back to Eve (first woman). Do you know what actually appealed to Eve about...
    thyroid gland

    Know About How To Manage Our Thyroid Level

    What is the Thyroid Gland? The thyroid gland is located in the lower portion of the neck right below Adam's apple, wrapped around the trachea....

    Barriers for Lifetime and Long Term Weight Loss

    ‘Uhh! No Way…I am not gonna eat this…It will make me fat’. These are a few of the first sentences that we come across...
    Vitamin C: Surprising Benefits, Side Effects, And Precautions

    Vitamin C: Surprising Benefits, Side Effects, And Precautions

    We know every type of vitamin is essential for our body. In this article, I am going to summarise the facts of Vitamin C...

    Diagnosis, Treatment and Remedies of Chronic Kidney Disease.

    According to the National Kidney Foundation, tests are recommended for testing for kidney disease: Measuring blood pressure. (Blood pressure levels are not only...

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