6 Awesome Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

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6 Awesome Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

Building and maintaining muscles is necessary for all of us. Weight training is a common type of strength training that uses weight to develop muscles’ strength and size. Weight training helps to lift, firm, and shape your body. But most people are unaware of the positive benefits of weight training, especially women. Therefore, the article will expound on the benefits of weight training for women, adding more to your knowledge.

Many people think that weight training is not for women, i.e., it will make them look muscular. However, it is not the truth. The testosterone levels in women are so low that you will not look bulkier no matter how long you have been into weight training unless you inject yourself with steroids. Weight training is healthy for women and their bodies.

Here are fantastic benefits of weight training for women that will encourage you to consider weight training in your workout.

Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

1. Toned Body

Toned Body

As a woman, if you want to achieve the look of a toned body and curvier figure, you need to engage in strength training and shed the extra layer of fat covering your muscles. It would be best if you went into a calorie deficit to get rid of the subcutaneous fat. Just because you don’t want to get that muscular look doesn’t mean you should stay away from stressing your muscles with heavyweights. Weight training helps build lean mass that makes you look fabulous despite your body shape.

2. Improved Fat Loss

Improved Fat Loss
Source: Myprotein

Weight training is the fastest way to burn fat from the body. In cardio, you burn calories while doing exercise, which contrasts to weight training that burns off fat even after going home and chill. During strength training, your muscle undergoes microtears. After your workout, your body repairs these tears, and in this repairing process, your body burns fat and uses calories. It is known as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect.

After the muscles undergo microtear, its repair is a long-term process. It takes 3-4 days to repair that muscle, and in doing so, your body keeps burning fat. In the long term, when you put on sufficient muscle mass, it takes calories for your body to maintain that muscle mass, and you’ll be burning fat even if you are sleeping or go on a vacation.

3. Promotes Strong Bones

Promotes Strong Bones
Source: Skinny Ms.

Women after menopause have greater chances of osteoporosis and frequent fractures. Strength training stresses your bones and increases bone density, and so weight training for women is the best defense against osteoporosis. Weight training also increases flexibility and balance, reducing the chances of falls and injuries at a late age. Along with weight training, include calcium in your diet to maximize the benefits of weight training for women.

4. Reduces Risk Of Chronic Health Conditions

Reduces Risk Of Chronic Health Conditions

Weight training improves cardiovascular health by lowering bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol in the body, which will help lower blood pressure. Weight training also reduces the signs of many chronic diseases like arthritis, back pain, obesity, and heart diseases.

5. Improves Quality Sleep

Improves Quality Sleep
Source: Shape Magazine

After a certain age, sleep becomes a difficult factor in attaining due to a busy schedule, especially for women who face detrimental effects like unwanted stress, insomnia, depression, etc. After spending time doing weight training, women often sleep peacefully while the muscles rebuild. Therefore, weight training for women is beneficial for their bodies. Proper sleep also ensures no stress levels.

6. Improves The Body’s Metabolism

Improves The Body's Metabolism
Source: Healthline

The body’s metabolism slows down with age, but weight training ensures its proper functioning in women. Slow metabolism causes unwanted weight gain due to its inability to burn muscle mass. Weight training tackles this problem and boosts the metabolism process in women. It builds lean mass and prevents the loss of muscle mass due to age in women. 

These are a few of the numerous benefits of weight training for women. Appropriate diet and nutrition are essential in maximizing results from any training program, so weight training is no exception. Women all over the world undergo weight training. It is high time for women in India to adapt to it to achieve their best versions.

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