Sunday, May 16, 2021
    Subarna Ghosal, a graduate and postgraduate in Food and Nutrition from the University Of Calcutta and also a Certified Diabetes Educator from. Dr Mohan's Academy (NDEP), worked as a nutritionist, lifestyle Counsellor and also has specialization in Sports Nutrition and Pediatric Nutrition from IAPEN (The Indian Association Of parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)believes in making and creating permanent lifestyle changes which are Specific, measurable, attributable and easily achievable. My main motto in the nutrition field is to spread awareness among people about the complications of the diseases and how we can manage or treat by homemade lifestyle changes. I love some quotes which boost me up a lot. "Self Discipline is the key to good health" "10,000 steps a day make a man healthy fit and fine" "Take deeper breaths any time of the day to calm our mind" "Drink at least 8litres of water a day" "Stay always focussed on the important things in life" "Try to start your day with a positive mind" "Keep on listening to motivational videos at least one in a day"

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    is basmati rice healthy?

    Is Basmati Rice Healthy?

    When we think of rice, only one thing comes to our mind that is carbs. However, Indian people consume rice almost every day and...

    Prevent those Common winter Allergies

    In India, we normally feel that Winter is the best season in all its way. As the thermometer drops down and there is the...
    Fight Your Old Age With Special Nutrition

    Fight Your Old Age With Special Nutrition

    As we grow older adequate, nutrition is of utmost importance for our daily activities, vitality in the body, functional independence, and to prevent the...
    13 Best Superfruits For Your Body

    14 Best Superfruits For Your Body

    A healthy diet is a preliminary step to improve your overall well-being. Make it a habit to wake up early, eat breakfast every morning,...
    The Effects Of Eating Cheese On Health

    The Effects Of Eating Cheese On Health

    Tom and Jerry is a top-rated show among all age groups. We all enjoy watching their fights, friendship in this cartoon show. We always...

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