5 Side Effects Of Caffeine

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5 Side Effects Of Caffeine

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages by billions. And its active compound is caffeine. But coffee isn’t the only caffeine source. Common foods containing caffeine are cocoa, chocolates, tea, energy bars, daily medications, and soft drinks. High doses of caffeine are unpleasant to the body’s health. The damaging side effects of caffeine stunt the body’s proper functioning. 

Therefore, those who drink black coffee frequently should be careful as it has the highest source of caffeine. MayoClinic claimed approximately 400 mg of daily caffeine intake is beneficial for the body.

Too much caffeine in your diet can cause harmful effects on the body. What are these side effects of caffeine? Let’s know them.

Side Effects Of Caffeine

1. Excess Caffeine Can Create Dependence.

Excess Caffeine Can Create Dependence.
Source: Healthline

As caffeine in diet stimulates the body’s central nervous system, its regular usage can cause mild physical dependence, one of the expected side effects of caffeine. Caffeine addiction results in excess caffeine consumption, which proves harmful in the future. Although it is not considered dangerous, a sudden withdrawal can cause other side effects of caffeine. Therefore, let your body adjust to the lower caffeine intake steadily.

Certain signs and symptoms of caffeine withdrawal include:

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain

2. Caffeine Causes Sleep Issues.

Caffeine Causes Sleep Issues.
Source: Medical News Today

Caffeine can interfere with daily sleeping patterns. Caffeine intake during the day decreases the level of 6-sulfatoxymelatonin — the main part of melatonin, which is a sleep hormone naturally produced by your body. Low melatonin level can lead to sleep disturbances and prevent Circadian rhythm, a good sleep cycle. Irregular sleep cycles may result in disturbed mood, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, excess coffee consumption worsens sleep consistency.

3. Caffeine May Cause Pregnancy Complications.

Caffeine May Cause Pregnancy Complications.
Source: The Independent

A 2011 based study by the British Journal of Pharmacology was published in livestrong.com, which said that “caffeine also can increase pregnancy complications because it crosses the placenta and reaches the fetus.” You must eat healthy foods during pregnancy and lower caffeine intake as much as possible. Excessive caffeine intake may also affect female fertility as it reduces muscle activity in a woman’s tubes.

4. Caffeine Causes Elevated Blood Pressure Levels.

Caffeine Causes Elevated Blood Pressure Levels.
Source: Diabetes

Although the source is unclear why it happens, high doses of caffeine can temporarily increase your blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attacks. A few claim it blocks a certain hormone in the arteries responsible for the widened arteries. This debatable information is still under research, but excess caffeine does cause a spike in blood pressure levels.

Caffeine is a commonly used stimulant among athletes and fitness freaks. Taking caffeine within permissible limits is allowed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Urine concentrations over 15 mcg/mL are prohibited. It takes most people about seven or more cups of coffee providing 100 mg/cup to reach this level of urine concentration.

5. Caffeine Can Cause Bone Issues.

Caffeine Can Cause Bone Issues.
Source: PureWow

Caffeine may be responsible for bone thinning. Too much caffeine consumption may interfere with calcium absorption by the bones and prevents bone strengthening. It will result in bone and muscles aching too and cause muscle cramps. According to researchers reported in the October 2006 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, daily soft drink consumption containing caffeine may lower bone mineral density in women but not men.

Consider low-to-moderate consumption to avoid these side effects of caffeine if taken excessively. A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy home habits. Certain food like caffeine helps energize your body, but simultaneously, they can harm your health severely and continuously. Therefore, remember these side effects of caffeine next time you think of consuming it for more.

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