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    Easy Yoga Tips To Overcome Your Stress!

    We all suffer from some type of stress in day to day life. Considering today’s fast life; it almost impossible to avoid stress. We must learn how to handle this stress. Let’s know some easy yoga tips to overcome your stress.

    What is Stress?

    what is stress?
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    Stress is a condition where we find ourselves under unmanageable mental or emotional strain or tension due to adverse or demanding circumstances. We are stressed out when we give priority to some such things which are not made for us. Then why do we feel bad if we lose them ? or fear of losing certain things. Such things are materialistic which are temporary. Then why go behind it and feel bad if not achieved. Understanding all this is little difficult and putting that into practice is little more difficult.

    Let’s give it a start.

    let's give it a start
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    You all know, we breathe, but have you ever paid attention to your breath ? do you know how many breaths we take in one minute. out of that how many are inhalation and how many are exhalation? To start with let’s pay attention to our breath.

    Now you will think why am I talking about breath?

    now you will think why am i talking about breath?
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    Changing your breathing technique helps you get rid of stress. Yes, you heard it right. Not literally but, by paying attention to your breath, at least for some time you tend to forget the problems, you are running behind.

    Now let us talk about how some easy yoga tips & Pranayam helps you relieve stress.

    Now let us talk about how  some easy yoga tips  & Pranayam helps you relieve stress.
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    Yoga is not just physical exercise, it includes everything, right? From the time you wake up till the time you are back in bed.  As discussed in our last blog about yama, niyama, asana……….

    Yama and Niyama are been somehow followed by us. Let’s talk about Asanas and Pranayam. Sage Patanjali said ‘Stirasukham asanam’ which means you have to be comfortable in an asana and get happy like feeling while doing it. Asanas include balancing poses too. Here you have to be alert and pay attention to what you are doing. Like in ‘vrikshasana’ you have to concentrate on one pinpoint to balance that pose and stay comfortable in that pose.

    Asanas are followed by ‘shavasana’, in which you have to relax your self, relaxing every part of the body and get your heart rate to normal, preparing your self for Pranayam. As we all know the body requires oxygen, every cell requires oxygen. By inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, you make a better space in your lungs, which helps more air to get purified more oxygen reaching your cells. Breathing in fresh air helps remove toxins from the body through breath.

    Continuing this process for a long time helps to remove negative thoughts making a place for fresh, new thoughts.

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