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    10 Natural Home Remedies For Constipation

    Constipation is the most uncomfortable problem experienced by everyone. Some people face this problem from time to time, especially in pregnancy and taking some medication. Constipation is a dry, hard, difficult, and painful bowel movement, which can be caused by many reasons. Acute constipation can be cured using some home remedies for constipation and making a few daily habits changes.

    For severe constipation, consider talking to the doctor; otherwise, it may lead to many health internal issues and severe complications. If you feel a little backed up, then take some time to learn the remedies that might offer instant relief.

    Home Remedies For Constipation

    1. Maintain A Consistent Schedule

    Maintain A Consistent Schedule
    Source: Everyday Power

    A consistent schedule of your bowel movement is a must. Lazy Sunday or staying in bed for the whole day may sound good to you, but breaking the schedule can lead to a problem. The stool hardens, and it moves through the intestine slowly. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a regular schedule of your bowel movement.

    2. Regular Exercises

    Regular Exercises
    Source: Popsugar

    Exercise provides the relief you need when you feel backed up. Maintaining a regular exercise routine helps you to maintain a healthy bowel movement. In cramping or bloating conditions, you may find exercising a bit difficult, but exercise can stimulate the bowel movement.

    3. Stay Hydrated

    Stay Hydrated
    Source: Thrive Global

    Drinking a lot of water is the best cure for constipation due to dehydration, as it is the most common cause of constipation. Staying hydrated is the easiest and most natural way to treat constipation. Water helps the food to pass through the digestive system smoothly and stop the stool from hardening. If not water, you can drink several healthy fruits juices or hydrating foods to stay hydrated.

    4. Intake Enough Dietary Fibers

    Intake Enough Dietary Fibers
    Source: Healthline

    It is the most crucial habit to maintain a healthy bowel movement. Eating enough fibers has its benefits, such as it contributes to weight loss and treats constipation. It gives density to the stool and makes it easy to pass the stool from the colon. Dietary choices have a stronger impact on constipation. Therefore, include dietary fiber to avail of the health benefits.

    5. Get An Abdominal Massage

    Get An Abdominal Massage
    Source: Sandhills Sentinel

    Abdominal massage is a helpful natural remedy for constipation by regulating bowel movement. It also gives you relaxation, easing any pain or discomfort. For 10 mins, lay down on your back and massage your abdomen in a clockwise motion. This motion helps push the stool in the colon towards the rectum.

    6. Drink Coffee Or Tea

    Drink Coffee Or Tea
    Source: The Healthy

    Drink caffeinated coffee and warm liquids like tea with ginger and peppermint to stimulate the bowel movement. Caffeine in the coffee causes the intestines’ muscle to contract, and tea helps with the disappointed stomach. Both produce a laxative effect, which encourages bowel movement.

    7. Drink Lemon Juice

    Drink Lemon Juice
    Source: Budwig Center

    Lemon juice is an easy home remedy for constipation. It flushes out the toxins from the body by acting as a stimulant. Lemon juice, in any form as lemon tea or drinking lemon water, stimulates the digestive system and enhances bowel movement.

    8. Drink Coconut Water

    Drink Coconut Water
    Source: The Conversation

    Drinking coconut water is very hydrating. It also works as a detoxifying drink for the body. Coconut water helps in increasing kidney function and stimulates the digestive system. It contains magnesium, which allows the intestine wall to move the stool quickly out of the body.

    9. Milk And Ghee

    Milk And Ghee
    Source: Time Magazine

    Too much dairy products can lead to constipation problems, but drinking warm milk with ghee added to it has worked for many people to stimulate bowel movement. Ghee has many healing properties, and Ayurveda uses ghee for its healing properties for many years. Drink the warm milk with 1 to 2 tablespoon of ghee in the evening for a satisfying morning bowel movement.

    10. Sesame Seeds

    Sesame Seeds
    Source: Gardening Know How

    Sesame seeds have an oily composition in it, which provides moisture to the stool. Therefore, it works wonderfully in easing the passage of the dry stool. You can consume it with salads and cereals. It’s the supreme treatment for the problem of constipation.


    Dehydration, stress, lack of exercise, and fiber deficiency can cause the constipation problem. A combination of these home remedies for constipation might be necessary to treat the problem. If these remedies don’t work, then you might be suffering from chronic constipation. Constipation itself can be a symptom of greater health concern. So, consult the doctor if the symptoms are persistent. They may advise you to make changes in your lifestyle and daily habits.

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