6 Reasons Why We Need A Digital Detox

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Unplugging From Technologies: 6 Reasons Why We Need A Digital Detox

“Going on a digital detox is a great way to exercise mental health and self care.”

In this era of technologies, why we need a digital detox? Is it that important? In this pandemic situation, we all are at our home, nobody is allowed to go out and meet friends, and many offices are still closed as we have to maintain social distancing. So to get entertained or do work from home, we all have found new digital companion instead. So let’s understand why we need a digital detox and its importance.

Reasons Why We Need A Digital Detox

1. Slouch Posture

Slouch Posture

Technology hampers our body postures. Poor posture can cause mental and physical health effects, resulting in digestive trouble and increased pain. So if we take small breaks from our work on laptop or mobile, it can reduce the adverse impact of poor posture.

2. Insomnia

Source: Medical News Today

‘Blue Light’ from a mobile screen shines into our eyes, sends a signal to the brain, and inhibits the production of melatonin – a chemical needed for sleep. Studies also say that we should keep away our mobile or laptops 30 mins before our bedtime. Thus, we can avoid mobile in our bedroom, indirectly notifications or messages, or anything else will not disturb our sleep. It also reduces the strain on your eyes.

3. Spend Quality Time For Yourself

Spend Quality Time For Yourself
Source: Stance Coaching

You can uninstall the apps from mobile, which are not used for a month. Declutter the unnecessary ones. You can also mute notifications from various apps, which are not necessary. By doing so, we will have time to develop new hobbies like gardening or do physical activity. It also promotes creativity inside you.

4. To Improve Attention Span

To Improve Attention Span
Source: Lifehack

Light from our mobile or notifications distract us from doing our work; therefore, we become less productive. Thus, unplugging from technology will stop this and improve concentration. One replaces this unnecessary waste of time to utilize for productive work.

5. Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders
Source: Time Magazine

FOMO is a new psychological disorder observed nowadays in many people. FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out. We are flooded with unnecessary notifications from friends and family of having fun and going out for vacations through social media platforms. Instead of enjoying our own life, this creates a feeling of missing out. We forget to enjoy our own happiness and what we have now. It may further lead to depression, anxiety, or stress for not able to attend the fun.

If we take a break from technology and focus on our own life, we can enjoy our present moment in a better way, and this will surely turn our life more joyful.

6. Set Screen Time For Kids

Set Screen Time For Kids
Source: The Pragmatic Parent

Today’s most significant problem faced by parents is how much screen time should be allowed for kids. As in a pandemic situation, for every kid, online sessions have been started, and kids watching T.V or mobile has increased too. Many kids have poor eyesight, and at an early age, they have specs due to poor habits. Hence, avoid more exposure to screen time.

Thus, to avoid this

  • Engage them to read books by reading with them
  • Ask them to help in household chores
  • Set a rule that no devices during meals
  • Set a time window for gadget time for children
  • Indulge children in one or more outdoor games
  • Practice creativity with them (painting, word games, etc. can help)

A crucial point in today’s busy life is the connection between family members. Communicating with them will surely help build a strong bond between family members. It’s an old saying, ‘Children learn to read, and then they read to learn.’ Encouraging physical activity is very beneficial for children too, instead of staring at screens. Both will help them develop their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Technology benefits us with information about different areas, knowledge from the internet, but parents should restrict the time for the screen. So long story short, combine all reasons, we all will get a simple answer for why we need a digital detox. Get rid-off technology, feel connected with the world, and give more time to family.

“Like a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, the key is to make sure your family and media use is well balanced.”

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