Why is Mental Health of the Youth Important?


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Mental health is defined by the state of being aware of your abilities, emotions, and social well-being.

”Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again”.

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Mental health describes how we think and feel. Nowadays, it plays a very important role in every stage of life starting from childhood to getting old. Many elements affect the mental health of a person.

1. Past life experiences, abuse, or traumas.

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2. Genetics or family history of mental health-related problems.

mental health of youth
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It plays a major role in the life of a youth. As youth is considered the growing stage of our life, there are also many physical and mental changes within us. Mental changes are the ones that cannot be seen. According to the National Mental Health Survey of India, the current prevalence of mental health disorders in the age group of 18-29 years is 7.39 percent. Youth’s state of mind is as important as their physical health. Good mental health helps you cope with every hurdle that life sets for you, which helps you come out as a healthy adult.

Adolescence is a very crucial part of life. Many adolescents are at a high possibility of getting irritated easily, have anger issues, lack of social life, etc. It can lead to mental illness.

There are many symptoms of Mental Illness such as:

Feeling Low or Sad

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Messed Up Sleeping Schedules

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Extreme Mood Changes

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Less Control over Emotions and Feelings

mental health of youth
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If not treated at the right time, it can lead to extreme levels such as suicidal thoughts, anxiety attacks, feeling depressed, etc.

There are also many disorders that can take place if Mental Illness is not treated or paid attention to at the right time.

Eating Disorders

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Due to extreme emotions, generally, there is no control over our eating
habits. Overeating or intake of unhealthy or junk food can lead to various health issues such as stomach infection, food poisoning, high blood pressure, etc.

Suicide and Self-Harm

mental health of youth
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Suicide is considered the third most cause of death in older
adolescents. It is caused due to the wrong peer pressure, alcohol and other harmful intakes, barriers against seeking help for mental illness.

Increase of Hyperactivity

mental health of youth
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The lack of interaction related to emotions and feelings generally leads to hyperactivity such as short temper. It can even lead to causing crimes.


mental health of youth
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Mental illness can be prevented in many ways such as: going to therapy, keeping control over emotions, practicing meditation and other soulful activities which calm your mind. Try to surround yourself with mindful and creative people; it will eventually lead to changing your mindset and priorities in life.

Mental health plays a very important role during adolescence because if it is not treated at the right time, it can cause major harm to you and your loved ones.

Don’t hesitate to talk if it is for your betterment.

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