Why Is Eating Homemade Food Healthy For The Body?

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Why Is Eating Homemade Food Healthy For The Body?

Dal khichdi, Sambar rice, Roti bhaji, and Kadi. Don’t these delicious food items make your mouth water as well? Better than Pani Puri, burgers, pizza, French fries, etc. What is the superpower of the first set of foods have that the latter doesn’t? These foods are homemade! Why is eating homemade food given more importance? To clarify the argument and justify the chosen quote, let’s look into the vast and reasonable factors that abide by ‘Happiness is Homemade.’

Benefits Of Choosing Homemade Food Over Restaurant Food

Benefits Of Choosing Homemade Food Over Restaurant Food
Source: The Fox Magazine

Firstly, homemade foods contain much lesser oil than foods from out or ready-to-make products have. Not only are they lesser in oil content, but they also do not have hidden preservatives and other ingredients that could potentially lead to illnesses and health issues, such as weight gain and cardiovascular diseases. 

Additionally, homecooked meals are way more hygienic and cooking at homework in a sanitized manner than those in restaurants or food stalls. To save costs, restaurants reuse oil for frying over four times, which has proven to be highly dangerous for regular consumption. 

Plus, when we cook food at home, we can alter it according to every specific want. Suppose someone suffers from a particular food allergy or is intolerant to a particular food product. In that case, these needs can be carefully looked at, and food can be prepared to satisfy those needs. Whereas, in restaurants, to compensate for a particular ingredient, they use chemically induced ingredients that make the food worse than it would have been initially for the consumer.

Furthermore, it is easier to control the quantity and track calorie intake as you cook the food. When ordering from out, it tends to have a fixed portion size that could be too little or too much. And because you have paid money, you feel obligated to finish the entire meal, even though you have filled your stomach. 

Concerning this, fast food is always more expensive than homecooked food. To make profits, the restaurants increase costs when they know people like their food and use cheaper ingredients. People belonging to the middle class neither want to cook their food nor want to eat from a street food stall; thus, they end splurging outside food. If anyone decides to eat out every day, their expenses would be much higher than those who go to the grocery store, buy fresh ingredients, cook food at home, and control quality.

How Eating Homemade Food Benefits Our Psychological Prime?

How Eating Homemade Food Benefits Our Psychological Prime?
Source: Thrive Global

Let’s take a look into the psychological and emotional factors that prove homemade food as best. Homemade meals bring families together at the dinner table. These are moments that every child will remember for the rest of their lives. It’s the time when the whole family sits together and talks about their day. Emotional bonding and family time are cherished when there is a nice hot bowl of jeera rice, aromatic dal, few parathas, a spice-infused curry, and some crunchy papad. 

Even if you are alone and cook for yourself, you derive a sense of accomplishment because you know that you have cooked the meal, making you feel independent. You also get to explore your inner MasterChef, which could be a great past-time activity if you want to destress. Baking cookies or cakes is double the fun when you have someone to cook with. 

Most parents prefer to give their children packaged and readily available foods. However, in India, mothers cook food for their children even if they are working. The reason behind this is to build a strong emotional bond and provide a sense of self-satisfaction for mothers that they are showering nutrition-enriched foods to their children. It is the answer to Indians and Asians having a higher immunity and being more family-oriented than Western countries.


eating homemade food
Source: New Atlas

Finally, eating homemade food is always a better option than outside food sources because it not only keeps you healthier and away from illnesses but also lets you connect to your family, friends, and yourself in a unique way. 

Be it east or west, and homemade food is always the best! If our minds function appropriately, our health system will be working correctly. Now, our overall motive is to focus on our healthy food intake as a primary fitness goal. Having a healthy, balanced diet plays a vital role in your overall health and wellbeing. Nutrition is healthy, for it balances our overall health.

For exercise, we need the energy to balance our overall health by proper food intake. Being fit means fit from general health and from mental health too. Our mind has a significant role in our health. If mental health isn’t functioning well, it will affect our overall health whether we’re fit also. 

To live a healthier lifestyle, it is our responsibility to take care of our health and wellbeing. We all can create the best world and live a healthy life and happier with a good, healthy lifestyle.

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