10 Easy Ways to Have a Healthy and Fit Diwali

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Easy Ways to Have a Healthy and Fit Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights, joy, get-togethers, and a variety of flavors. Most people follow a diet throughout the year but during the festive season, their diet becomes a complete mess. I personally believe that rather than doing weight loss; weight maintenance is a challenge. So enjoy festivals without affecting your weight.

10 Easy Ways to Have a Healthy and Fit Diwali

1. Making Diwali food low-calorie

Traditionally food items contain a high amount of sugar, oil, and ghee which makes them tasty but also increases the load of calories and is so heavy to digest. So if we modify cooking methods, we can cut down on the calories we consume. For making “Karaji” or “Shankarpale”, make use of the method of baking. For chakli and other deep-fried food items, the use of air fryers is a way that consumes less oil. Instead of making mouthwatering “ladoo” or other sweet dishes with sugar; use natural sweeteners like dates and mixed fruits, dry fruits or honey, etc.

2. Eating Timings

The timing of consuming food is very essential in keeping your weight in check. Eat high-calorie food items in the daytime instead of late at night. During the daytime, we are engaged in various activities so food will get digested and not be stored in the body.

3. Plan your outings

Go for a walk or climb a hill nearby with your cousins friends or relatives. It will be fun along with exercise. If you are a regular gym member then spare at least half an hour. If not possible then you can do certain floor exercises at home.

4. Cut down on portion sizes.

Many times how much you are eating is more important than what you are eating. Avoid eating large portions of food at a time. Divide the food quantity and eat the remaining after a certain period of time. Food is usually linked with our emotions so if you are not satisfied with a small portion of food given, reduce the size of the plate you are eating this will ultimately balance your body as well as the mind.

5. Choose food wisely

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The sequence of eating food is important. Start your meal with low-calorie food items available. It doesn’t mean insisting you take salads every time but yes you can have options such as fruits or low-calorie snacks like homemade chiwda. Another way to give early satiety is having high protein-containing foods firstly like milk or yogurt or a bowl of sprouts or paneer and then followed by your favorite high-calorie food.

6. Don’t plate your food in a single go

Don’t keep food placed near or in front of you. Plate your food and after finishing the whole food get the next food you need. Now you will be thinking about what will happen to it but; believe me, this will reduce calorie intake. It will affect the metabolism of hormones like ghrelin and leptin which regulate appetite.

 7. Don’t excuse yourself

Understand your body’s tendencies. If you have weight gaining tendency or you cannot lose weight easily then it’s time to take extra effort. Always remember the efforts you have made to remain fit throughout the year. This will motivate you to keep your weight in check during the festive season.

8. Don’t blame others or the situation

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On Diwali people prepare food items that are tasty also relatives give gifts like chocolates, sweets, etc. Control of your mind is important. Eat food only when you are hungry. Surrounding people will force you to take extra food but you can say NO without hurting their feelings.

9. Eat slowly

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Food eaten slowly will get digested better and metabolized gradually in the body. So while eating together with friends or relatives concentrate on the food that you are eating.

10. Compensate your meal

Many times it happens that the situation is not in our hands and we indulge in eating extra food. So in that case, if you think that you have eaten more than your regular appetite then take your next meal lightly. It will compensate for your calories.

I am sure that the above ways are easy to follow & will help you to keep the weight in check during this Diwali. Try these on yourself and ask others to do so. Remember, the problem is not holidays it’s what comes after. Because after holidays, we try to finish the leftover feasts, we get lazy, we do not work out. But before that becomes a habit Get back on track. One more thing gift health to others which means give your loved ones something that’s traditional as well as healthy. ‘Dry Fruits’ Kaju, Badam, Kishmish, Anjeer, Dates. So let’s help each other to restore fitness.
“Happy Diwali”

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