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    Celebrate This Diwali With Healthy High Protein Ladoos

    Who doesn’t love a ladoo? we all love it in some or other way & we don’t need a reason, we find reasons to eat ladoos in our everyday life. Even all our occasions start with the sweetness of Ladoos. Being a typical Rajasthani Marwari, I have grown up eating traditional Boondi Ladoos which is not that healthy & loaded full of sugars but is fine if eaten in a moderate amount. So being into the Health & Wellness industry I keep on innovating & experimenting with foods. Here, I came up with these recipes for healthy high protein ladoos.

    How the heck did I get an idea of Protein Ladoos? – When Ladoo met Protein

    I was having a discussion with my colleague on whey protein supplements & how this Diwali we can celebrate it in a healthy way. Whenever there is a celebration, it is not complete without sweets! So when ladoo met Whey Protein it led to the birth of Protein ladoos.

    I’ll be describing here 2 version of High Protein Ladoos

    Whey Protein Ladoos

    whey protein ladoos- healthy high protein ladoos
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    Prep Time 10 – 15 Mins


    1. Whole Roasted Oats or Powdered Oats (1/2 cup)
    2. Dry fruits Mix powdered (7-8 Almonds & 3-4 Walnuts)
    3. Roasted Peanut powder (1 tbsp)
    4. whey protein (1 scoop) (chocolate flavor preferred)- I used Belgian Chocolate
    5. Cinnamon powder (2 pinches)
    6. powdered Jaggery or Raw Honey (1 tbsp)

    Procedure & Instructions:

    • Mix oats, dry fruit powder, whey protein, cinnamon powder & peanut powder in a Bowl
    • Add 1 tbsp Powdered jaggery or Raw Honey 3.) Add 5-6 tbsp of Water in the mixture & then mix thoroughly with tbsp (u can use your hand as u dough), it should form like a dough, form small Ladoos & serve.
    • Your Irresistible Delicious protein Ladoo is ready.

    Oats & Nuts Ladoo

    oats and nuts ladoos

    Prep Time 10 – 15 Mins


    1. Whole Roasted Oats or Powdered Oats (1/2 cup)
    2. Dry fruits Mix powdered(10 Almonds & 4-5 Walnuts)
    3. Roasted Peanut Powder (2 tbsp)
    4. Cinnamon powder (2 pinches)
    5. Powdered Jaggery or Raw Honey (1 tbsp)
    6. Desi Ghee (1 tbsp)

    Procedure & Instructions:

    • Add 1 tbsp Ghee in Grinded Oats
    • Add 2 pinches of Cinnamon Powder
    • Add 2 tbsp of Roasted Peanut Powder
    • Add Dry Fruits Powder
    • Add 1 tbsp of Raw Honey or Powdered Jaggery with 4-5 tbsp of Water & mix it well
    • Form a dough & your healthy, delicious, tempting ladoos are ready.

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