Monday, March 1, 2021

6 Important Health Lessons From Little Lotta

Little Lotta is the cartoon written by Warren Kremer was popular in the 1970s. Little Lotta was the character of a child with a voracious...
    She is professionally “registered dietician” (RD) holding master’s degree in “clinical nutrition”. She is ready to counsel people of any age group about balanced diet. Effective counseling skill gives her chance of conducting talks in various industries about diet and health. Experience of hospitals and gyms offers her a broader outlook about people with variety of health issues. She is completely against of following Harsh and Crash diets, taking meal replacers and skipping meals etc. Being a Nutrigenomic counselor she always helps people to find out the root cause and then guide them for personalized diet which suits them best. Hobby of cooking and experiments in kitchen always keep her updated about new trends. She always aims at “Healthy eating and Healthy living”.

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    Sayali Ramdasi

    What Are The 7 Benefits Of Ladoos?

    Whenever there is an occasion, our minds always turn to ladoos. Who doesn't love eating ladoos? Ladoo is a traditional Indian food item prepared...

    Yes, Proteins…But How Much You Should Intake It?

    You all are aware of proteins; it is one of the important macronutrients. They are the building blocks of our bodies. Proteins have structural...

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alcohol

    Do you know that calories in alcohol lead to weight gain? As we understand the process of making alcohol it contains lots of calories extracted...

    What Do You Think Is Easy; Weight Gain or Muscle Gain?

    Dieting is not only for weight loss but a planned diet can be helpful for the people who want to gain weight. In society,...

    Food Consumption During Baby Development Stages

    Nutrition is important in every stage of the life but more crucial during pregnancy, lactation and further the growing stage. Strong foundation will lead...

    Know all About your Pre and Post Workout Snacks

    I have observed that people start a gym with full efforts by buying new shoes, gym clothes, napkin, water bottles, and whatnot. But they...

    Do You Know Hidden Facts In A Glass Of Alcohol?

    People often ask a question about alcohol- “to be or not to be?” I feel that while taking diet history the most neglected part...

    10 Easy Ways to have Healthy and Fit Diwali

    Diwali is a festival of lights, joy, get-togethers, and having a variety of flavors. Most people follow diet throughout the year but during the...

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    9 Essential Foods To Boost Digestion Power

    9 Essential Foods To Boost Digestion Power

    The digestive system plays a vital role in our body; it is responsible for absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste. Hence, eating healthy foods to...
    Make A Healthy Matcha Peach Lassi In 3 Simple Steps

    Make A Healthy Matcha Peach Lassi In 3 Simple Steps

    Lassi is a popular, delicious, and traditional sweet drink that originated in India. Over the years, different varieties of lassi have pulled the crowd...
    Indian harvest

    A Festival of Harvest gives Nutrition best!

    “Thanksgiving” a beautiful festival of gratitude! In the early morning…what wakes you up?? Sun rays that knock our windows spreading golden bright light all...

    The Magic Box of Spices and Condiments- Cardamom & Nutmeg

    Two companions of desserts in the magic of box of spices and condiments Cardamom- All Indian sweet preparations are incomplete without the fragrance of Cardamom...
    Walking And Yoga: Benefits And Effects

    Walking And Yoga: Benefits And Effects

    I always say not to compare two things. The competition should be with the self and not others. But when it comes to the...

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