Do You Know Hidden Facts In A Glass Of Alcohol?

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know hidden facts in a glass of alcohol

People often ask a question about alcohol- “to be or not to be?” I feel that while taking diet history the most neglected part is asking about person’s drinking habits.  It matters a lot for understanding a person’s overall lifestyle, weight gain tendency etc. Type of alcohol consumed by a human being for its intoxicating and mind-altering effects is ethyl alcohol or ethanol. It is a clear liquid with harsh burning taste and having high volatility.

The Brief description of alcoholic beverages



Wines are made from grapes but are made from various other juicy fruits, such as peaches, plums or apricots. The most common wines are produced from grapes. Nature of the soil determines the quality and taste of the grapes which in turn affects the taste and quality of wines. Ripe grapes are crushed and fermented in large vats to produce wine.


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Beer is made by the process of fermenting various cereals such as corn, rye, wheat or barley etc. The process of fermentation produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. When the desired limit of alcohol content is achieved, the process of fermentation is stopped. The alcohol so produced is called beer. It contains 4 to 8 percent of alcohol.



Whiskey is made by the method of distillation. The fermented juice of cereal grains such as corn, rye or barley is further gets distilled then after whiskey is prepared. Word scotch is often heard is also a type of whiskey.


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Rum is also a distilled beverage made after fermenting molasses or sugarcane juice. It is aged for at least three years. Usually, caramel is added for colouring purpose.


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It is made from fruit juices by the method same as distilling after fermentation. Brandy is usually stored and aged in oak wood casks. Casks give brandy a typical color or caramel can be added.



It is a distilled beverage which is a combination of alcohol, water, and various flavors. The quality of Gin is not altered or improved as it gets old, and so it does not need to be stored in wooden casks.


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Liqueurs are made by a combination of fruits, herbs or flowers to brandy or to a combination of alcohol and water. Many times sugar is added to the liquid.  Alcohol content can vary from 20-65 percent.

The alcohol content of different beverages.

alcohol contents of different beverages
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