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    8 Health Benefits Of Moringa

    Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera) – we are very familiar with this tree from our childhood, as this is a commonly cultivated plant in our backyards or farms. Our ancestors were very wise as they were using all parts of the plants for their well-being. They developed so many home remedies to cure diseases by using this superfood. So, everyone planted this superfood. There are many health benefits of moringa, however, it is also the most neglected superfood as not many know its benefits.

    Generally, this tree doesn’t require too much water and can sustain in drought conditions also. It blossoms within eight months from the plantation time. Nutritional values are at the highest peak as it contains macro as well as micronutrients. That is why it is called a superfood. This superfood is very cost-effective, abundantly available, and a common man can afford it for their well-being. Let’s focus on the nutritional values and health benefits of moringa.

    Nutrient Comparison Of Moringa Per 100 gms

    NutrientsCommon FoodsFresh LeavesDried Leaves
    Vitamin A1.8 mg carrots6.8 mg18.9 mg
    Calcium120 mg milk440 mg2003 mg
    Potassium88 mg bananas259 mg1324 mg
    Protein3.1 g yogurt6.7 g27.1 g
    Vitamin C30 mg oranges220 mg17.3 mg

    The Health Benefits Of Moringa

    1. Immune Booster

    Immune Booster
    Source: Kuli Kuli Foods

    Moringa is the richest source of proteins, zinc, vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, which helps to boost the immunity of the body and keep us safe from possible infections. It also contains antioxidants in high amounts. This immune-boosting power makes it a healthy choice for the body.

    2. Reduces Tiredness And Fatigue

    Reduces Tiredness And Fatigue
    Source: Medical News Today

    According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK, moringa reduces fatigue and elevates the mood of a person as it contains iron and vitamin A. Due to iron, more oxygen is supplied to the body cells, making them function properly, and vitamin A helps boost iron metabolism.

    3. Useful In Anaemia

    Useful In Anaemia
    Source: Medical News Today

    Mostly non-haem iron (i.e., plant-based iron) requires vitamin C for its absorption. Keeping this in mind, we use salads with curd or lemon juice. But with the moringa, we do not have to bother these food items as moringa contains both iron and vitamin C, proving beneficial for the body.

    4. Best Muscle Gainer For Vegan And Vegetarian

    Best Muscle Gainer For Vegan And Vegetarian
    Source: Diabetes UK

    For muscle gain, our body needs calcium, potassium, magnesium as well as proteins. Though moringa is a plant, it contains nine essential amino acids, making it a complete source of proteins. All other micronutrients, which are needed in muscle metabolism, are present in moringa itself. So, those who want to gain muscle, this is a natural source for them.

    5. Anti-stress Effects

    Anti-stress Effects
    Source: Barrister Suites

    The Research Journal of Pharmacology, in a 2010 study, confirmed that the moringa leaves are natural adaptogens with powerful characteristics. Adaptogens are herbs or plants that protect/shields the body from the toxic effects of stress. Even these adaptogens also enhance the general health and performance. That’s why this plant is useful in Ayurvedic and Chinese therapy.

    6. Anti-cancer Agent

    Anti-cancer Agent
    Source: AFTech Global

    Generally, the leading causes of cancer are the generation of free radicles and stress. This superfood can encounter both as it contains high antioxidants and adaptogens. Even those who are undergoing chemotherapy, studies show a beneficial effect on their body by counteracting the hazardous side effects.

    The best digestive aid, moringa is a rich source of calcium; it soothes the digestive system by activating digestive enzymes. It contains 24% fibers, which regulate the bowel movements, helps in gearing up the metabolism, and ultimately in weight management.

    7. Anti-diabetic Effect

    Anti-diabetic Effect
    Source: Mindmonia

    Moringa is useful in lowering the blood glucose levels in diabetic (type-2) people; it possesses high fiber and magnesium. The fiber content gives satiety, and Glycaemic Index gets dropped by incorporating this in the diet. It is successively proven to be one of the best foods for diabetic patients.

    8. Galactagogue

    Source: Verywell Family

    Moringa leaves act as a galactagogue, and it increases milk production in breastfeeding mothers. It may act on prolactin as well as oxytocin levels, which gets increased. So far, there haven’t been any reported side effects after consuming it (still, consult a doctor first).

    Thus, moringa is an essential superfood. Even one can use in this COVID-19 situation for complete nutrition and get protection. You may add leaves in soups or any leafy vegetable preparation. Traditionally we use its fruit i.e., Drumstick, but leaves are more nutritious. You may add them to parathas, rasam, chutney, etc.

    Grab this opportunity of getting wholesome nutrition by having moringa superfood.

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