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    Prevent Hair Loss During Winter With 7 Effective Tips

    Are chilly breezes hitting you yet? No matter how much it relieved us of those unbearable sweating summers, we are still unprepared to tackle hair loss during winter. Isn’t it relatable? Don’t you also see more chunks of hair in the shower? Just trying to brush up a hand, and it comes back with so many strands? Don’t worry. You needn’t be alarmed. Just like our skin undergoes various cyclical changes, our hair also experiences the same. And winter, as cruel it is, is the cause of your hair fall.


    The main reason for the hair loss during winter is the dry air in the atmosphere. This sucks up all the moisture from our scalp, which leads to dryness—dry scalp results in dry hair, which is prone to breakage, and hence the hair fall. Let’s not blame the environment only; the heating systems in our house also result in dry hair and therefore the breakage.

    Dry scalp not only causes hair fall but also leads to dandruff, causing super itchy and unhealthy scalp. This, when coupled with the dreary air, causes a lot of hair loss during winter. So stop using that dry heat to style up your hair, or else you are going to lose a lot.

    Who Is At Risk?

    Have you got those thick, luscious hair? No? So you are from that thin hair category? Let me point out that you are at more risk. I know you are doing everything to make your hair look more voluminous but well these lovely winters are going to make them seem flat, dull, and lifeless. So you need to make a little extra effort to keep at par.

    How To Prevent Hair Loss During Winter?

    Are you wondering what to do? Here comes the part where I tell you how to keep your lovely hair intact in these chilly months.

    1. Oil Massages

    Oil Massages
    Source: The Ayurveda Experience

    Nothing is better than a good old “chumpi (massage)” in your hair. It’s not just relaxing but also a great way to prevent hair fall. The oil will get into the hair shaft and provide moisture, thus saving it from the harsh environment. The antioxidants and vitamins present in them promote hair growth and regrowth. They also act as great moisturizers for your hair and provide essential vitamins and fatty acids.

    The best oils to use are castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Apply a little bit oil on the scalp, massage it thoroughly, and leave it overnight. Wash it off thoroughly with a mild shampoo and embrace the results.

    2. Consume Right Vitamins

    Consume Right Vitamins
    Source: Eat This, Not That

    “Eat properly,” “Take your vitamins,” or “this isn’t nutritious.” Can you relate to your mother’s sayings now? Well, she was right. The right kind of diet and supplements can do wonders for your hair.

    Vitamin A encourages sebum production and hair growth. Go on and grab some yellow or green foods. Add carrots, spinach, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, mango, papaya, cauliflower, etc. in your diet.

    Vitamin B12, found in milk and milk products, fish, meat, poultry, beans, etc., is also useful for hair growth.

    Biotin, known as vitamin H, helps in hair growth and prevents thinning of hair. Eggs, almonds, broccoli, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and sweet potato are a good source of it. Biotin is essential for hair health. A deficiency of biotin causes hair fall and hair thinning. So grab some almonds, cheese, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, eggs, cauliflower, and sweet potato.

    3. Use Right Shampoo And Conditioner

    Use Right Shampoo And Conditioner
    Source: The Co

    Perfect shampoo and conditioner are the most important things in hair care. But which one to choose? I would personally recommend something which promotes smoothening. It should be good for frizzy hair or dandruff according to the problem you are dealing with, search up the labels. Look for the keratin to promote more growth.

    4. Use A Hair Mask

    Use A Hair Mask
    Source: HerStyler

    You can also use conditioning hair masks occasionally. It will restore the moisture in your hair and also prevent it from looking dull and lifeless. Use hair balms or oil replacement therapies or go for spas once in a while. Hair masks ensure proper strength to hair.

    5. Home Remedies


    Nothing is complete with us trying something on our own. I’ll tell you about some common ones. Apply yogurt to your hair. It is acidic and helps restore the pH of your scalp. Some people also apply eggs or onion juice to the scalp to promote growth. Amla juice is one very common practice. These are quick methods. Use any of them, and leave for an hour or so, and wash it out.

    6. Avoid Smoking

    Avoid Smoking
    Source: Healthline

    Smoking reduces the amount of blood reaching the scalp and thus cause thinning of hair. The toxins present in the cigarette are responsible for the poor blood circulation that slows hair growth. It might also result in grey hair. Hence, quit smoking to get healthy hair.

    7. Hydrate Yourself

    Hydrate Yourself
    Source: Forbes

    Hydrate yourself from within to keep your hair hydrated. Even our hair contains around 25% of water. And dehydration can worsen dryness, making your hair more frizzy. So keeping yourself hydrated will strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss.

    These were some quick fixes that you can easily do to prevent hair loss during winters. Enjoy the season without any qualms about your hair.

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