8 Common Causes Of Frizzy Hair


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8 Common Causes Of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is the most frustrating thing to handle. Girls know the real struggle behind taming frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is the effect of different hair strands running in different directions, making hair look rough. The cuticle layers are separated, which allows the moisture to pass through it; this is why hair becomes frizzy and appears dry.

Cuticle layers are the hair strand layers that protect the inner layers of the hair shaft. Hair is made of several different layers of keratin protein, and the cuticle is the external layer. When this layer is sealed properly, it retains the hair’s moisture for a longer period, and the hair is less prone to frizz. The split ends, cuticle loss, and breakage make hair looks frizz.

Curly hair is more prone to frizz. Certain haircuts can be helpful to some extent in managing them. To learn more about managing frizzy hair, we should first know the causation of it. Here are the common causes of frizzy hair, which one should avoid to prevent it.

Common Causes Of Frizzy Hair

1. Everyday Wash

Everyday Wash
Source: Medical News Today

Washing hair daily can be one of the biggest causes of frizzy hair. When we wash our hair daily, hair tends to deplete the moisture, which raises the cuticles, and this promotes frizzy hair. Instead of washing daily, wash your hair 2-3 times a week. No one likes oily hair, but oiling is essential. So, instead of oiling the hair after the wash, try oiling it before the shower. This helps to retain the moisture in them.

2. Humidity

Source: Society19

Humidity is also a great factor in making hair frizzy. Hair fibers act like sponges when exposed to the moisture, the bond between the hair layers break, and the moisture moves in and out. This makes hair rough and dry.

3. Traditional Bristle Brush

Traditional Bristle Brush
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Who would have thought that using traditional bristle brush will belong to the causes of frizzy hair? The traditional bristle brush tends to damage the cuticles of the hair. Using a wide-tooth comb can prevent the damage and detangles the hair easily without any hair breakage.

4. Styling Tools

Styling Tools
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Moderation use of anything is ok. But when you overdo the straitening or curling, it causes damage to the cuticles. The heat from these styling tools can burn and fray the hair ends. Avoid using the blow-dryer and other tools daily. Occasional usages of the tools will not harm your ends. And use the tools at least in the hottest setting.

5. Styling Products

Styling Products
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Styling products like dry shampoo, hair setting sprays, gels, and many more products are used to style our hair. When these products are not effectively used, they make the hair unhealthy. Avoid usages of such products to prevent frizzy hair.

6. Product Usages

Product Usages
Source: All Things Hair

Another causes of frizzy hair can be the wrong product that you use, which might be not suitable for your hair type. Or you might be using the product too less or too much that causes hair cuticle damage, makomg your hair frizzy. Learn a little more about your hair type and the product you use. This will prevent hair damage.

7. Cloth Towel

Cloth Towel
Source: Femina.in

Avoid using a terry cloth towel to dry your hair. Using the cloth towel can add friction to your hair, which damages it. So, to avoid the damage, try air-dry your hair or use a microfiber towel. A microfiber towel will not develop friction between the hair strands, and damage will be avoided.

8. Pillow Cover

Pillow Cover
Source: HOLR Magazine

Your hair can become frizzy when you sleep. When you sleep on the cotton pillow cover, the friction between the hair increases, and you wake up with frizzy hair. Use satin or silk pillow cover to protect your hair from frizz. Silk or satin cover helps maintain the hair’s moisture, whereas the cotton or any other material cover makes the hair dry and adds frizz. Try sleeping with braided hair, which will prevent your hair from damage. 


Frizzy hair is not so easy to deal with. We should be a little careful about the product or the tool we use on our hair. Also, keep knowledge about the hair type and texture to find the best and suitable product for your hair that will maintain your hair moisture and make them healthier. Frizzy hair happens differently to different individuals. Above mentioned are the causes of frizzy hair that you should avoid preventing the frizz. Avoid hot shower and excess exfoliation to prevent frizz.

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