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    Is It Healthy To Eat Doughnuts?

    Doughnuts are among the sweet snacks, and almost everyone loves to eat them. Anyone with a sweet tooth would find it difficult to say no to eat these sugary foods. But does our body finds it healthy to eat doughnuts or not? We will learn it further.

    We have grown up watching famous cartoon shows like Popeye the sailor, Bugs Bunny, Winnie the Pooh, and various other cartoon shows or reading comic books. One noticeable thing in the characters specified above is their love for food: Popeye loves eating spinach, Winnie the Pooh loves eating honey, and Bugs Bunny’s obsession with eating carrots.

    I want to talk about the character named “Homer Simpson” who loves to eat doughnuts.

    Why This Character?

    Why This Character?
    Source: Evening Standard

    Whether young or old, everybody has a sweet tooth and wouldn’t hesitate to have different sweets types. Cartoon characters influence young children to eat different kinds of food irrespective of whether they are healthy. Talking about Homer Simpson, he has a sweet tooth and cannot imagine life without doughnuts. In other words, doughnuts keep him going. 

    Doughnuts may be good or bad, depending on the quantity consumed. However, it is rather advisable to reduce sweet intake or cut it down completely. Sometimes, it is good to have some sweets; after all, a meal isn’t complete without dessert.

    Is It Healthy To Eat Doughnuts?

    Is It Healthy To Eat Doughnuts?
    Source: The Muscle Donut

    Doughnuts contain sugar that explodes as a calorie-bomb in your body. Consuming them occasionally can save your body from higher sugar levels. It can stop you from having diabetes, weight gain, cancer risks, etc. However, it is healthy to eat doughnuts for breakfast, as the daily activities will help burn the calories.

    Whether it is healthy to eat doughnuts depends on us. It is good to eat as long as its quantity is reduced and replaced with healthier sweets options. But suppose we keep eating doughnuts every day. In that case, it will wreak havoc on our overall health big time, causing diseases like obesity, diabetes, increased cravings for sweets, decayed teeth, and other related ailments.

    If Doughnuts Are Not Healthy, Why Eat Them?

    If Doughnuts Are Not Healthy, Why Eat Them?
    Source: Pure Healthy Living

    Moderate consumption of doughnuts is okay. Eating them once in a while will satisfy your cravings. Not all sweets are harmful to our health. There are healthy substitutes for doughnuts, such as honey, fruits like apples, pear, bananas, strawberries, etc.

    One can get creative and maybe make snacks with a mixture of fruits and nuts, such as nutritional bars. They mainly consist of oats, dried fruits, and nuts like almonds that give excellent nutrition for a person’s body to function efficiently every day. It may not be the same as chocolates and doughnuts, for that matter, but what matters is that we find alternative sweet snacks that are healthy than to get anxious, wondering if what we are eating is healthy or not.

    What If We Can’t Quit On Doughnuts?

    What If We Can’t Quit On Doughnuts?
    Source: Unsplash

    Giving up on potentially harmful sweets or replacing them may seem easy said than done in the initial stages. Why so? Because we are making a change so suddenly that our mind is completely thrown off guard, wondering what is with the sudden change. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? How to stay healthy? Create a chart and decide what will the healthy substitute for sweets be. For example: having apples on Mondays or pomegranates on Tuesdays and vice versa. You can consume these fruits after lunch or dinner or whenever you have a craving for sweets. 

    If having fruits isn’t possible, don’t worry because there are dried fruits. One of the excellent substitutes that come closest to chocolate is dates. They have an abundant source of iron and satisfy the craving for sweets. Dried fruits may not have the same amount of nutritional value as fruits in their original form, but dried fruits are way healthier than eating chocolates. Another advantage of having fruits is that they are easily digestible. If you have them for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack or in the evenings, the body will digest fruits quickly, giving a healthy energy source to do our daily activities with ease.


    We are what we eat. Whether we want to lead a long and healthy life by eating the right food and follow an exercise program or lead a short life by eating our favorite food even though it potentially harms our health, it is a choice we have to make. So, let us make the right choice to stay healthy and happy, physically and mentally.

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