10 Healing Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

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10 Healing Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is being used since Hippocrates for healing, cleansing, and getting rid of dangerous diseases. The use of ACV can be traced back to 400 B.C. when the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, used it for its exceptional qualities as a detox and cleansing agent. In other words, there are enough healing benefits of apple cider vinegar.

In the last 2-3 years, it has got a lot of hype due to its hidden healing qualities revealed if consumed in the right quantities and in the right way. Today, I will tell some of them and a few ways in which you can use it for day to day common problems.

Healing Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Removes Stagnation In Blood

Removes Stagnation In Blood
Source: Real Simple

In Chinese Medicine, vinegar has a yang property that signifies that it has a temporary warming circulation of energy in the body and removes stagnant blood which in turn have an purifying effect on the blood.

2. Has An Alkaline Effect On The Body

Has An Alkaline Effect On The Body
Source: Everyday Health

Though it looks acidic but creates an alkalizing effect (increased minerals retention) on the body, each and every body type is unique and different so paying attention to your own body will be helpful in this case.

3. Acts As A Natural Solvent And Cleaning agent

Acts As A Natural Solvent And Cleaning agent
Source: Men’s Health

The sour and bitter flavor of vinegar reduces excess accumulations in the liver and stomach resulting from a rich and heavy diet. So on the days of buffet eating or partying, consume post 1/2 an hour 1 tsp vinegar in 1 glass of water, which will help to move and detox from excess accumulation.

4. Acts As An Anti-bacterial, Anti-parasitic, And Anti-Fungal

Acts As An Anti-bacterial, Anti-parasitic, And Anti-Fungal
Source: Today Show

It removes by killing parasites, fungus and most worms that live in the digestive tract. It also boosts the immune system.

5. Cures Kidney Stones

Cures Kidney Stones
Source: Verv

Including apple cider vinegar in your diet is a healthy option if you are suffering from kidney stones. It helps to dissolve kidney stones through the act of detoxification. The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar helps in dissolving and flushing out kidney stones or calcium deposits present in the body.

6. Helps In Proper Digestion

Helps In Proper Digestion
Source: Styles At Life

Apple cider vinegar helps to resolve digestive issues. Whether you have eaten a rich meal at a buffet and suffering from indigestion, or experiencing acidity due to irregular meals, or constipation, it will help in resolving all issues.

Caution: If you have a very weak digestion, ACV is not advised as your stomach might not accept it. So, in that case, check with a Naturopathic Physician or Dietitian before starting it.

7. Prevents Acne And Pimples

Prevents Acne And Pimples
Source: Medical News Today

Apple cider vinegar helps to relieve acne and pimples. Vinegar, of any type, helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin. It also has antibacterial properties, which when applied, keep acne and pimples at bay.

8. Perfect To Relieve Feet From Any Damp Conditions

Perfect To Relieve Feet From Any Damp Conditions
Source: Healthline

Helps to relieve damp conditions like Athletes Foot, excess mucus production. Soak feet daily in regular vinegar to help clear athletes’ foot.

9. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
Source: Healthline

Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar helps to promote hair growth, nutrients, especially minerals present in it can help stimulate hair follicles and remove dead skin cells to promote hair growth.

Use this rinse recipe to give more body, shine and softness after having rinsed out your shampoo:

  • 1/2 tablespoon ACV mixed with a cup of water
  • Pour onto the scalp (or spray from a spray bottle if you have one)
  • Massage into the scalp, allow it to absorb for 5 minutes
  • Rinse
  • Repeat once a week

A word of caution: not to use too much ACV on your hair, as it can make hair brittle.

10. Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Source: Insider

Lastly, apple cider vinegar helps in fat/weight loss, by increasing the body’s metabolism. According to the study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, the acetic acid present in it, was found to suppress fat accumulation.

What To Look For When Buying ACV?

Always see for keywords on the bottle like “Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurised with Mother” when buying online or offline as there are lots of brands now available. One of the best brands which manufacture the healthiest ACV, I have ever come across is Bragg which is made from Organic Apples.

Recommended Dosage Of Apple Cider Vinegar

For Digestive Issues

1 tbsp in 1 glass of water before meals (especially lunch and dinner) and before going to bed, should be consumed as a general rule of thumb.

For Detoxification And Cleansing

1-2 tbsp in 1 glass of water after waking up in the morning

Secret Detox Drink Recipe




  • 1 glass of warm or hot water (200-250 ml)
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, Raw, and Unpasteurised with Mother
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • ½-1 teaspoon ginger powder
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper (red pepper powder)
  • 1 teaspoon raw, local honey (optional)


  1. Lukewarm the water.
  2. Mix all ingredients together.
  3. Best served warm but drink as desired.
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