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“ Reveal the 8 Ghastly Myths surrounding Keto Diet ”

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In today’s era keto diet is known to entire modern & developed countries of the world. There has been a huge rise in the number of people following the keto diet in recent times, yet very few know about the other side of the coin(the disadvantages) of keto diet. Human beings are successful in changing their hectic busy lifestyle schedules and healing on health issues with the keto diet. As the human tendency to accept researches and learn new things giving the earliest result is an example of a “keto diet.”

Let’s know little about keto diet and then discuss the fallacy about it in detail.

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HISTORY: Russel Wilder was first to use the keto diet to treat epilepsy in 1921. He also coined the term “Ketogenic Diet”.Since ancient times keto diet was primarily used for therapeutic pediatric epilepsy treatment & recently it has gained his importance for shading down the kiol’s (weight loss)in the short run.


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-On bases of macronutrient requirements and their functions and absorption in individuals’ bodies, the Keto diet is been designed especially for human suffering with major nutrient absorption and its functional disorders. (eg: CHO –GLUCOSE-OBSTRUCTED ABSORPTION .)

-In keto diet “fat” is the major nutrient. The ratio used for pediatric varies from 2:1 ( 2% fat and 1% carbs and protein) and it can be as 6:1. It is a low- carbohydrate, moderate proteins and high-fat diet (55-60 % approx. fat, 30-35 % protein and 5-10 % carbohydrate.)

{example: 2000kcal /day will contain 20-50 g per day of carbohydrates only.}Hence it has recently proven for weight loss purposes.

WHY GO FOR KETO DIET: Controls epilepsy

-Useful in psychological disorders (Autism, ADHD)

-Weight loss(Low carb diet)

-Detoxifying body (Cleansing)

As there are “N” benefits from the keto diet “MYTHS” on diet has increased. Moving towards myths of the keto diet to be cleared.

Trend Or Fad Diet:

The ketogenic diet is not a trend or a fad diet as the diet is scientifically studied, researched and used for epilepsy patients.

Keto diet has an important place in the diet field and is used as a therapeutic diet. Fad or Trend diets are diets with short research proven with results in less time and are basically practiced for a shorter period of time(all human beings can practice fad diets for health benefits.)

Consistency of Diet is Impossible:

Once started with keto diet till one gets habituated it’s a bit difficult but once settled it can be continued for a period decided by physicians and dietitians as per the severity of disease and requirement for the keto diet. hence it is not hard to stick to.

Reduce Healthy Plant Foods Intake :

As the diet is low carbohydrate we usually mistook that fruits and vegetables are reduced from the diet, but the fact is that specific fruits and vegetables are allowed to consume (eg: cruciferous family.)Hence the vitamins and minerals requirements are taken care of.

Ketosis is a dangerous metabolic state :

ketosis is regarded as the presence of ketone bodies which is dangerous for life but when ketosis state is been balanced well with keto diet there is no need for fear. (Ketosis under control can be managed well and give beneficial results for metabolic disorders, epilepsy, and mental disorders.)

Load for Kidney and Harder to Digest:

People do think that keto diet is higher on Protein Consumption thus load for kidney and harder to digest. But, the fact is that keto diet is not high on proteins it is high on fats and does not cause any load or affect digestion as having metabolic problems it helps in managing body functions smoothly.

Any type of fat can be eaten :

Keto diet based on high fat contains more of MUFA(mono-unsaturated fatty acid)omega 3 and omega 6 in ratio with PUFA. Works as an anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

Zero Alcohol Consumption :

On keto diet one can make a choice on low-carbohydrate alcohol like whiskey, brandy, vodka etc.No sweetened or carbonated drinks allowed. Once a month 1 glass/peg of 30-60 ml can be recommended if required by the patient.

No Physical Workout :

Light physical exercise can be performed when on keto diet. Yoga, walk -10 minutes can be done on a daily base. No heavy exercises to be started but once settled properly all exercises with some limitations can be practiced on a daily bases.

Amount/ Quantity of fat :

Quantity of fat completely depends on individuals’ physiological factors (age, gender, weight, height). As per the severity of disorder, the quantity of fat may be changed.

Above are all myths of ketogenic diet which usually arises due to incomplete gain of knowledge regarding the topic on diet.

*Always remember to refer to a dietitian for a proper keto diet plan, so that no harm and no stress and no myths would arise ever.* Do things from our cup of tea and never depend on the internet knowledge.* 

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