8 Clean Eating Tips To Stay Fit And Feel Great

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8 Clean Eating Tips To Stay Fit And Feel Great

First of all, how do we define clean eating? Clean eating means washing vegetables or fruits before eating, or should the food be hygienic? No. Clean eating means to have minimally processed food, real food without added preservatives to stay fit and boost overall health. Here are a few clean eating tips to stay fit and healthy.

8 Clean Eating Tips To Stay Fit And Feel Great

1. Add More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

Add More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet
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Vegetables and fruits are the healthiest food and are the basis of clean eating food patterns. Fruits and vegetables have a decent amount of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other plant compounds to fight against infection and other chronic illnesses. The high amount of fiber content enhances the bowel movement, improve the gut flora results in a healthy digestive system.

The study suggests that eating produce in its organic form has a positive impact on mood. It means people who eat more raw food have lower mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. It lowers exposure to pesticides; thus, the outcome is better health.

You can make your favorite fruits plate or choose whole fruit over fruit drinks or juices as it lost its fiber content and other nutrients. You can also chop the veggies and toss it with little olive oil and seasoning herbs to get a healthier dish and refrigerate it for easy access. Fruits and vegetables food preparation requires fewer efforts and provide the highest health benefits.

2. Don’t Go For Processed Food

Don’t Go For Processed Food
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Eating processed food is the quickest way to surrender your health and get sick. Processed food is the opposite natural version of the food. There are processed foods at the grocery store, which are modified beyond the point of recognition.

We take various processed food in our routine life but don’t add nutritional value such as sugary drinks, low-fat yogurt, meat, canned fruits and vegetables, white bread, etc.

Why is it unhealthy? Processed food has already lost its nutritional value and contains sugar, preservatives, vegetable oil, and other ingredients. People might get addicted to junk food. It deteriorates health with inflammation and other problems in the long run.

3. Swap The Refined Grains Over Whole Grains

Swap The Refined Grains Over Whole Grains
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Filling up on white rice, pasta, bread just satisfies your hunger but doesn’t favor any health benefits. The reason behind this is similar as mentioned previously the lack of nutrients.

The study suggests that people with a high intake of refined grains are associated with diabetes, obesity, etc. Ditch the refined carbs and upgrade consumption of oats, barley, brown rice for optimal health. If a food comes with a long list of ingredients, it is probably not a healthy source.

4. Avoid Or Limit Alcohol Intake

Avoid Or Limit Alcohol Intake
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Moderate consumption of alcohol, especially wine, is beneficial as a boost to heart health. Frequent consumption affects and contributes to several health problems, mainly liver damage and digestive problems, belly fat. Restrict its intake if you want to opt for the clean eating practice.

5. Hydrate Your Body

Hydrate Your Body
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Water is considered to be the best natural beverage you can drink at any time. Water has a positive impact on health. They are as follow –

  • Maximize the physical performance
  • Boost up the energy level
  • Treat migraines, kidney stones
  • Relieves constipation
  • Moisturize the skin

Avoid taking sweetened beverages, which are unhealthy and cause major health problems such as diabetes, obesity, etc. Hydrate yourself much in a day to keep all the issues at bay.

6. Say ‘NO’ To Refined Sugar

Say ‘NO’ To Refined Sugar
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Natural sugars are found in various types of food, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, etc. There is no harm if you consume it in excess. But it is always advised to avoid excess refined sugar intake.

Table sugar and high fructose corn syrup are examples of refined sugar and abundant in the food supply. Some people take more sugar in their meals, which negatively impacts health after a long period. If you want to follow clean eating, avoid the sugar or minimize its consumption, or else enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruits and subtle flavors of nuts.

7. Minimize Your Sodium Intake

Minimize Your Sodium Intake
Source: The Healthy

Most people take more sodium in their dishes than we should, resulting in many health risks. Avoid consuming packed food to minimize your sodium intake itself. Either you cook your food with some herbs and spices, citrus, and vinegar or use coarse sea salt or kosher salt to bring out the flavor of food. Using coarse sea salt is beneficial than using table salt as its low sodium content.

8. Avoid Diet Food

Avoid Diet Food
Source: Sporteluxe

When people start dieting, they choose low fat, low carbs, weight loss drinks, etc. But all these products contain a high amount of preservatives, sweeteners, and added sugar. When you follow a clean eating program, always prefer whole grains, unsweetened full fat yogurt, peanut butter for better health.

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