The Benefits Of Consistency In The Sleep Schedule

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The Benefits Of Consistency In The Sleep Schedule

Why do doctors or health professionals advise to get proper and sound sleep for the body? Or importantly, they insist on having consistency in the sleep schedule to tackle exhaustion, fatigue, and proper and healthy living. Sleep is important for our body as it boosts the body’s mechanisms, improving its function. Therefore, let’s focus on the benefits of consistency in the sleep schedule.

What Is Sleep?

What Is Sleep?
Source: Healthline

It is a dynamic activity by our brain. Sleep is an integral part of our daily routine; we spend about one-third of our time doing it. Sleep is equally important as food and water are for survival. If we don’t get enough sleep, we cannot concentrate on our work and respond quickly. Sleep is vital to several brain functions, including how nerve cells communicate with each other.

Our brain and body stay active during sleep. Some studies show that sleeping helps remove toxins from the brain, which builds up while awake. Prolonged sleep deprivation leads to severe obesity, physically inactiveness, strokes, arthritis, depression, heart attacks, etc. Hence, sleep is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

Phases Of Sleep

  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
  • Non-rapid Eye Movement (NREM)

In REM sleep, frequent movement of eyes can be seen similar to those while we are awake. And in NREM Sleep, there is less activation, and the brain appears to be calm.

The Importance Of Sleep

The Importance Of Sleep
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Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective for the next day.

Adequate sleep is as important as eating a balanced diet and doing physical activity in our daily life. The required amount of sleep differs for people of different ages: babies must sleep for 12-14 hours a day; adults require 7-9 hours of sleep. As we grow older, our duration of sleep reduces. Sleep disturbances are important clinically as they are indicators of different types of psychiatric ailments.

We have understood the importance of sleep, but we should be aware of the benefits of consistency in the sleep schedule. As a parent, we become very particular about the sleep schedule of our baby. But it is also important for adults. Many factors affect our sleep like job timings, glowing nightlife, alcohol, unhealthy nutrition, and many other uninvited reasons that bring different health issues.

Health Issues Due To An Inconsistent Sleep

  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Heart problems
  • Depression

The Benefits Of Consistency In The Sleep Schedule

The Benefits Of Consistency In The Sleep Schedule
Source: AdventHealth

Consistency is an essential Key for any successes.

There must be a regularity in sleep timings. Following a consistent sleep schedule is very crucial to maintain your health. A routine helps us to function more appropriately. Persistent sleep also positively affects your mood, keeps your heart healthy, and includes other benefits like increasing your concentration, improving your productivity, and keeping you fit physically. Regular sleep timings help us to start a cheerful and energetic day.

We can summarize the benefits of consistency in the sleep schedule as follow.

  • Improved concentration
  • Increased ability to refocus
  • Lowered feelings of burnout
  • Improved decision-making
  • Decreased error-making
  • Improved heart conditions
  • Improved productivity
  • The positive attitude throughout the day

How To Bring Consistency In The Sleep Schedule?

How To Bring Consistency In The Sleep Schedule?
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How can one be consistent in sleep timings? You can start building healthy home habits or follow a routine. Our body craves regularity.

Routine is essential for establishing new habits like sleeping on time at night and wake up early. Set the bedtime for every day, even on weekdays and weekends. Set the alarm on your mobile. The human body requires 21 days of regularity to get into any habit. Unknowingly, our body will demand sleep at the fixed timings once we start following the routine.

To create a peaceful atmosphere, you can start reading books 15 mins before sleep. You can meditate in a sleeping position or sleep in the dark and maintain silence. Thus, our brain will get a signal that it is time to sleep.

Being consistent with your sleep schedule is the only way to make a proper change. When we talk about sleep, consistency refers to when you go to bed, wake up, how much sleep you get each night, what you do before bed, etc.

Therefore, consistency plays a critical role in our lives as it facilitates teaching healthy habits to sleep on time and get natural sleep.

Your future depends on your dreams, so let consistency and chemistry of sleep be your partners each night to have a great start every day.


Eat Healthily, Breathe Well, Be Consistent In Sleep and Enjoy Life.

Sleep is a vital part of our day. You feel prepared and energized for the rest of the day when you have enough sleep. But if you lack it, you will spend rest of the day in a haze, increasing dangerous chronic disease risks.

So, in summary,

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Avoid certain activities at night that could distract you from having a proper sleep. For example, drinking caffeine, having bright lights, using your smartphone or laptop before bedtime, etc.)
  • Be consistent with your sleep timings.

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