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    Balancing Nutrition Management: Theory And Practical

    Our body can work without medicine, but it cannot work without proper nutrition. It gives rise to the importance of balancing nutrition. I do not mean a balanced diet rather a balance between the theory and practical knowledge of nutrition—balancing nutrition with authentic scientific-based theoretical knowledge with its practical application in a clinical setup. It becomes a significant task as there is a vast difference between the theory taught during our academic years and the practicality and milestones of the clinical environment.

    Why Focus On Balancing Nutrition?

    Why Focus On Balancing Nutrition?
    Source: Forbes

    Whatever we learn as students from the books changes completely once we step into hospitals during internships or professional workers. Solving a case with one clinical condition on paper with minimal information is much different from what is taught in the colleges.

    Having a real case of a patient with too many complications where it has to be looked at from different perspectives confuses the fresher. It decreases the confidence as they are unaware of applying theory practically. It happens because we have not learned this during our academic year. Therefore, this topic is chosen to make people aware that some percent of every aspect of nutrition is given, but using theory to practically approach and unlock the proper application codes is not taught.

    Balancing Nutrition In Theory And Practice

    Balancing Nutrition In Theory And Practice
    Source: SparkPeople

    I want to brief it by a simple example that says for every condition, x amount of calories and proteins are given to a patient. Still, it does not assure that it would be applicable for every individual or patient with the same clinical condition. It mentions a range but doesn’t consider the anthropometry, biochemical parameters, clinical conditions, signs and symptoms, and pharmacotherapy of the patient. Therefore, what we are taught about the nutritional charts is tackled with the real-life circumstances of the patient too.

    The question of how to apply theory practically arises in aspiring nutritionists/dietitians. The only way out of this query is to understand the patient’s clinical condition, the pathophysiology of the disease, and modify the theory according to it. The theory and the practical are not the opposites of each other. Instead, they are adjacent to each other and go hand in hand.

    Planning a diet on paper seems effortless, like writing a story once you know what you will write, but planning a nutritional chart for a patient in a clinical setup for the patient’s speedy recovery is challenging. It is of biggest concern as the motive here is to prevent acute to chronic one using the medical nutrition therapy as a clinical dietitian/nutritionist.

    Balancing Nutrition In Theory And Practice
    Source: Shape Magazine

    The role of a clinical dietitian in patient care is one of the significant roles along with the other healthcare team. Still, unfortunately, it is misunderstood as a food service provider rather understanding that:

    “Food can be the medicine and cure itself if worked upon well from the beginning of the condition as a lifestyle change is a primary key to cure oneself.”


    Therefore, what we learn in college differs from how unexpected approaches can be while dealing with them. Yes! It is imperative to have theoretical knowledge and not solely depend upon practical, but it provides a better understanding when these two are combined. Nutrition is very important when a person’s health is concerned. It is the most prime aspect of the first wall of the body’s defense against disease-causing agents. Therefore, without proper nutrition, an individual is as frail as a feather and easily susceptible to health ailments. Consult your dietitian/nutritionist to chart a proper nutrition plan for a healthy lifestyle.

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