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    Are You Fed up With That Dimpled Skin?

    Cellulite(dimpled skin) can blow one’s self-esteem, even though cellulite is absolutely normal.

    Let us understand what is cellulite!

    dimpled skin

    Cellulite is the portion of the body fats that gives a dimpled look that our skin, it gives a lumpy appearance at places where usually muscles are present. It is most often seen around hips, on thighs and buttocks, though it may be seen on some other body parts too. Good news guys- cellulite occurs in people of all races around the World- both men and women have it.

    Causes of Cellulite

    cause of cellulitis
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    Little is known what causes an increase in cellulite, though many theories have been propagated. The most scientific and commonly believed theory is that cellulite is a part of the fats which pushes through from the muscles and the fibrous layer beneath the skin.  As the cellulite increases, it pulls down the skin with itself and creates an uneven surface which leads to dimpling. This resembles an Orange peel and is hence often known as Orange peel texture.

    Do we need medical treatment for cellulite?

    Many times people are worried about cellulite and misunderstand it with Cellulitis.  Folks, it’s not at all a serious medical condition, but more of a Cosmetic concern. Doctors consider cellulite as normal.  dimpling of skin is seen, giving orange peel or cottage cheese appearance.  There are no other signs or symptoms and it does not hamper our health. A dermatologist or a plastic surgeon may help you to look at it from a cosmetic viewpoint. There are no investigations or diagnostic tests for determining cellulite.

    There are many treatments ranging from creams to spa procedures to cellulite blasting foods to mechanical treatments, some of them are acoustic wave therapy, laser, light, radiofrequency therapy, massage, liposuction etc.

    Are these treatments approved?

    are these treatments approved?
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    It is important to remember that the FDA has approved only certain therapies, which are also for a temporary decrease in cellulite.  To maintain any effect one has to get some very costly and time-consuming treatments like massages, liposuction, acoustic wave therapy etc on a regular basis.

    Dietary tips to get rid of dimpled skin

    We all know that a good and balanced diet along with exercise is the key to a healthy skin and body! Let’s see which simple changes can help us to reduce cellulite or prevent them.

    Processed Fatty Food:

    processed fatty food
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    Foods like cheese can worsen the appearance of cellulite. Though the role of diet in the development and treatment of cellulite has not been well researched, one group of scientist has suggested that a diet containing excessive amounts of carbohydrates may turn cellulite worse. This could be due to insulin resistance and an increase in total body fat.

    Eliminating high salty food:

    eliminate highly salty food
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    Low salt food diet can reduce fluid retention and hence can help in reducing cellulite. Drink more water, cut down salt include more natural diuretic foods like cranberries, cucumbers, beetroot, fennel, celery. And say no to all soda drinks and packaged high salty foods.


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    Water is universal medicine when not consume enough can lead to so many problems. Dehydration can worsen cellulite. More water in your skin cells, more the healthy appearance of your skin. So grab your water bottle, include more liquids in your diet like fresh juices, coconut water and feel rejuvenated.

    Add Protein In Your Diet :

    add protein in your diet
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    Protein is needed for healthy connective tissue and collagen formation. Foods like nuts, eggs, pulses helps to boost your metabolism and helps in reducing weight as well.

    Add fruits and vegetables:

    fruits and vegetables
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    Having them in diet will provide you with antioxidants and phytonutrients and bioflavonoids, which protect us from free radicals.which can cause damage to the skin.

    Include healthy fats:

    include healthy fats
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    For shinning and glowing skin we need omega 3  fatty acids present in salmon they strengthen the skin tissue giving smooth skin.   Traditionally used flaxseeds are a rich source of lignans, the type of phytoestrogen helps in balancing estrogen levels for a cellulite free skin. Omega 6  desirable form gamma linolenic acid found in prime rose and blackcurrant, borage oils help in circulation, eventually helping in metabolizing fat including that of cellulite. They also reduce appetite and inflammation.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    apple cider vinegar
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    Apple cider vinegar helps to flush out toxins, reduces water retention detox your liver which contributes to reducing cellulite.

    Herbal and Green tea

    herbal tea
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    Herbal and green tea which has an active ingredient epigallocatechin gallate speeds up metabolism and helps in burning fat.


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    A small amount of caffeine works to remove toxins, shrink fat which minimizes fat cells pushing against the skin.


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    Saffron contains anti-inflammatory ingredients boosting circulation and helps in reducing cellulite.

    Vitamin-c rich food-

    vitamin c rich foods
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    Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, giving elasticity to the skin. This helps in keeping the skin more toned and dimple free.

    Decrease sugar consumption

    reduce sugar consumption
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    Apart from reducing your weight, cutting sugar can help to get u cellulite-free skin. Avoid refined, processed foods, packaged foods, and all bakery foods will help you lowering your sugar consumption and reduce the amount of fat you stored and uneven skin. Limit your alcohol intake too which  adds up your empty calories.

    Regular exercises!

    regular exercise
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    Regular exercises like walking, swimming, yoga etc can reduce fat dimples. Experts suggest 40 minutes exercise session half cardio and half strengthening 3 times a week for effective outcomes.

    Simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can bring down cellulite to a large extent. a healthy diet with regular exercise can lead to a dimple-free skin. And a beautiful you!!
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