Coconut Water- Ideal Summer Beverage To Beat The Heat

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Summer is the warmest season of the year and especially the scorching heat in May leaves our bodies dehydrated.

If you are looking for a refreshing healthy beverage, then tender coconut water comes as a savior. This is an ideal natural drink that not only quenches your thirst but supports your body mentally and physically as well.

Tender coconut contains the highest level of water with a low level of fat. It is also loaded with Vitamins A, Vitamin C along with minerals such as manganese, calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

Following are the health benefits offered by coconut water:

Keeping Your Water Level Up

Source- E Medi Health

Regardless of any weather, coconut water is the best to hydrate your body. Coconut water replenishes the lost fluid and electrolytes level to prevent body dehydration after an intense workout.

It also works wonderfully for severely ill patients even as remarkable nutrients are found in it. Hence it is advised to increase water intake to avoid further health issues.

Improve Skin Health

Source- News Track Live

Summer is the time when you sweat a lot which makes your skin sweaty or you may also feel dry skin. Instead of applying chemical-filled beauty products, regularly consuming Coconut water makes your skin glowing. The reason is the Cytokines content of coconut water that acts as a natural moisturizer. Besides this, it prevents various skin problems such as acne, irritation, pigmentation, and premature wrinkles.

Dealing Hair problems

Source- Popsugar

Scorching heat makes your dry, frizzy, and dull as hair gets directly exposed to sunlight and damages it extensively. Sipping fresh, chilled coconut water works wonderfully by nourishing your scalps which flake due to dryness.

By moisturizing the scalp, coconut water revamps the elasticity of hair strands and prevents breakage. The hydrating properties along with vitamins and cytokines boosts hair growth.

Healthy Kidneys

Source- Lifeline Screening

Coconut water is considered the best for kidney-related diseases. It has a decent amount of Potassium that acts as a diuretic that helps in dissolving kidney stones.

Potassium also prompts alkalization of urine and therefore prevents the formation of Kidney stones. This way coconut water does the detoxification process.

Controls the Blood Pressure

Source- Online First Aid

It is a fact that high blood pressure can be managed by a strict diet, exercise, and medication. You can also include coconut water in your diet to ward off the risk factors that contribute to high blood pressure.

This amazing drink is loaded with Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium which keep your hypertension under control.

The potassium lowers down the BP by canceling the effect of sodium and thus reduces the tension on the blood vessels by keeping your BP under control.

Healthy Digestive Tract

Source- Chef Gourmet LLC

Everyone encounters some form of digestive problems which might be because of scorching heat.

Coconut water is filled with manganese and fibers that regulate bowel movement thus preventing constipation and acidity and keep your digestive tract working smoothly.

Manages Your Weight

Source- FMCG Gurus

Fresh Coconut water is beneficial for diet-conscious people as it has a lot of water content. High water content makes your tummy feel fuller for longer, thus controls your hunger pangs and keeps you satiated.

It also has lower calories that makes it a great substitute for carbonated drinks or sodas.

Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Source- AUS Specialists

It has antimicrobial properties which disperse the effects of Gram-positive or negative bacteria. As mentioned earlier, diuretic properties make you pee frequently thus flushing out all toxins from the urinary tract.

Treat Acidity

Source- Sahyadri Hospital

Unhealthy digestion and constipation might be significant factors contributing to hyperacidity. Coconut water regulates the pH level of the body and reduces acidity.


Source- American Migraine Foundation

You might suffer from intense headaches from the harsh heat in summer. Drink coconut water helps to relieve these headaches.

Coconut water is nature’s energizer and we should have it as much as we can. The above list is proof that it is beyond just a drink and is a treasured item.

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