7 Excellent Indoor Houseplants To Refresh Your Home

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7 Most Excellent Indoor Houseplants To Refresh Your Home

We love greenery in our home, especially during monsoon. Whenever we shop some plants, the first thing that pops up in our mind is its appearance and maintenance (but obvious points). Besides its pleasing effect, you can install nice-looking indoor houseplants to refresh your home, for it works its magic on your health more beneficially. Not only diet and exercise decide your health, but certain plants improve your mood, sleep quality, breathing, and many more things.

Researchers found that when we feel exhausted, take a moment to breathe and smell the roses that improve our state of mind. There is also one saying, “Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and the soul.”

Below are the listed best houseplants for your mind, body, and overall house environment.

Best Indoor Houseplants To Refresh Your Home

1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant
Source: The Spruce

The snake plant is also known as the ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue. This plant is considered to be the best one to care for as it requires not much water and grows well when place under indirect sunlight. Also, consider the drought resistance plant as can survive without water in extreme climatic conditions. Overwatering might damage or kill the plant permanently.

Also, the most popular choices to place in the bedroom for a night of sound sleep and to improve air quality. See how? First of all, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen as you sleep; does its miracle only at night; absorb and make the surroundings detoxify with cancer-causing pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene. Hence, it is an effective choice for the deadly disease.

To uplift the air quality in your entire home, you are most likely to place around 6-8 plants for optimal air purification.

Apart from all these benefits, it scores upon on its eye-catching look. Because of its straight curvy tall foliage in yellow-green shades makes it a desiring houseplant.

2. Spider Plant

Spider Plant
Source: The Spruce

Spider plants are efficient against air pollutants like toluene, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. These are the stuff that enters the house from things like tissues, paper bags, plywood, synthetic fabrics, particleboard, etc. Long term exposure of formaldehyde causes various health issues such as irritation of eyes, throat, and respiratory problems.

The plant does not require not much care as it prefers indirect sunlight and water occasionally. It is said to be the forgiving plant as favorable to both overwatering or underwatering conditions.

The best thing is its pretty look that makes it a decorative piece, grow well indoor, and fight against air impurities. Hang these plants for better display, and these will also develop small baby plants that hang down from the parent plant.

It was found that patients recover faster if we place the spider plants in the room due to plant positiveness. One should always think about the safety criteria before welcoming the plant and, fortunately, safe for your pets.

3. Lavender

Source: Gardening Know How

Lavender is known for its mild, gentle, and pleasant aromatic fragrance, especially helping us to keep our home clean and refresh due to its antimicrobial property. Growing lavender indoors is a very difficult task as it requires the sunniest spot and deep watering. If your windows are south facing in your bedroom, then the best place to set in. Make sure to water them when the soil is nearly dry and not water them too often.

This classic herb helps us to ease the stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia due to its lovely scent. Using lavender spray below at bedtime makes you sleep better and relax your mind. Oil inhalation is also a perfect helper for refreshing action.

It makes a good choice for your first aid kit because of its analgesic and antimicrobial properties for skin issues like rashes, burns, cuts, insect bites, and some other illnesses too.

When you get exhausted, spray 2-3 drops of oil in your comb as it gives scent to the hair and creates a calming sensation

Massage with lavender oil improves the lymph flow and immune power mainly during cold and flu season.

Many hospitals use lavender oils for their effective aromatherapy. Even the study proved that patient who received aromatherapy has a great improvement in mood and perceived level of anxiety.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily
Source: ProFlowers

Then another beautiful, tall fragrant plant is the best for your home décor, especially in summer, when its white flowers are in full bloom. These white flowers has its unique shape with white bract covering its small flower.

Also, a pretty low maintaining plant as not require much sunlight. Artificial light or indirect sunlight from the window is fair enough. Therefore, place it in the shady spot to get the most of its benefits—also moist the soil without overwatering.

It is considered as one of the best bedroom plants; it removes the toxins such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, allergic mold spores, and absorbs the harmful vapors of alcohol and acetone. Exposure to all these cause eyes or skin irritation, nasal stiffness, wheezing, etc. and the harmful vapors of alcohol and acetone lead to acetone poisoning.

Hence, by reading all these benefits, you can add in your list for a restful sleep, but be careful as it produces pollen and a floral scent that is not suitable for pollen allergic patients.

5. English Ivy

English Ivy
Source: The Spruce

English Ivy is another great plant you can think of it. The plant grows well under the fluorescent light so the perfect indoor plant for lighter sunlight house. Be sure not to make soil soggy and kept moist all the time.

The plant strength lies in its ability to remove airborne molds and formaldehyde from the air. Another wonderful job is absorbing all the cigarette smokes and airborne faecal particles hence the excellent for asthmatic patients.

Leaves and Sap of English Ivy are poisonous therefore make sure to wear gloves before handling as it might give you itching and allergic reactions.

6. Boston Fern

Boston Fern
Source: Green and Vibrant

Boston fern is the incredibly popular houseplant, especially where humidity tends to be a problem; this could be an ideal choice. Also superior to repelling all types of unwanted toxins such as xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, etc., which are absorbed by fern’s leaves and turned into material for plant usage.

Because of these excellent air purifying properties, it offers health benefits for the patients suffering from dry skin, irritation, dry nose, or throat.

This plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. For healthy-looking Boston ferns with lush green foliage, put in a bright spot area without harsh sunlight. Follow the normal watering routine. Just mist the ferns with water frequently, but remember not to saturate the soil with water.

.Nowadays, the trend of Boston fern planting is increasing. It looks super stylish when hanging around the home, restores the moisture, which relieves your mind and body.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
Source: Smart Garden Guide

How can we forget such a wonderful and succulent plant on our list?

The plant is relatively easy to grow and needs to be deeply watered. It grows well in intense sunlight. So place it on a kitchen windowsill but might turn brown if it gets too much of it. So keeping in indirect sunlight is an excellent potion.

Aloe vera is an excellent natural air purifier to remove harmful VOCs such as xylene, benzene, formaldehyde come from the building materials, furniture, carpets, and many more things. Also, it absorbs the carbon dioxide during the night and releases oxygen when exposing to sunlight.

Aloe vera also attracts positive energy; therefore, it can be used for many rituals. Wherever you place it at home, it draws good luck and spread the good vibes.

Aloe vera also works as an air sanitizer, removing all kinds of pollutants, toxins, dust before settling in the house. Therefore, it does an easy job to clean up the house.

I talk about its benefits, and we might all know about it. This wonderful plant has a gel-like clear substance full of vitamins and antibacterial compounds under the leaf. It helps to treat psoriasis, burns, cold sores, sunburn, etc. You can use its leaves for asthmatic patients by boiling its leaves and breath its vapor. Works great for oral hygiene as it contains a decent amount of vitamin C that controls the plaque buildup. Make sure to consult the physician before using it if you are allergic.

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