11 Tasty Foods To Stay Hydrated In Summer

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Stay Hydrated In Summer By Adding These 11 Healthy Eatables In Your Diet

Summer is a season that heralds vacations and happiness among people. But it also brings ‘dehydration risk’. The temperature keeps rising, and the weather becomes hot and humid. Therefore, it becomes difficult to stay hydrated in summer during this season.

But there are mainly two reasons for summer dehydration.

  • Diarrhea and Vomiting: It happens due to bacterial infections, causing the amount of water to drain out of the body, which results in dehydration.
  • Sweating: Intense workout produces more sweat to keep your body cool, but it may cause dehydration if the water is not replenished along with it.

You can hydrate the body by drinking plenty of liquids, mainly water, because water gives you energy in the heat and makes your skin radiant and glowing. Also, you can add different high water content food in diet to combat dehydration.

11 Tasty Foods To Stay Hydrated In Summer

1. Coconut Water

Coconut Water
Source: FirstCry Parenting

Coconut water is the best nutritious and refreshing natural beverage in these hot months. It is slightly sweet with a subtle nutty flavor. The best way for hydration and to get essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which the body loses on a long sunny day.

Natural coconut water has a lower amount of sugar and sodium which optimizes athletic performance. You can store the coconut till two to three weeks of purchase or else can get the coconut water from any grocery store. But make sure it does not have any added preservatives or sugar.

2. Watermelon

Source: The Spruce Eats

This is the high water count fruit with several health benefits. It has a good amount of dietary fibers to boost digestion, calcium, magnesium, and potassium to keep blood pressure capped, and sodium—the best way to replenish the body in summer. You can enjoy this juicy red fruit in the form of salad or take a sip of juice in the morning for breakfast.

3. Chilled Lemon Water

Chilled Lemon Water
Source: FirstCry Parenting

This is our nimbu paani and probably the best hydrating drinks. People must have a glass of lemon water a day with some rock salt or sugar to get the daily dose of vitamin C and citric enzymes. During summer vacation, children play and spend hours out in the skin results in more sweating and water loss. This lemon water gives much refreshment and energy in summer.

4. Chia water

Chia water
Source: Good Housekeeping

Also known as Sabja seeds or basil seeds. Chia is a hydrophilic seeds which means it absorbs a large quantity of water because of its high soluble fiber content and water-absorbent shell. Best known for its cooling effect to the body and to beat the summer heat. You can add these soaked seeds to chilled milk or coconut milk along with honey and enjoy the delicious hydrating drink.

5. Iced Tea

Iced Tea
Source: Tesco Real Food

If you feel restless and want a hydrating drink better than tasteless water, then I would suggest iced tea as a good alternative. It’s a caffeine-free tea with a pack of nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep you refreshed all day long. If you want some sweetness, then I recommend you to choose stevia.

6. Watermelon Iced Tea

Watermelon Iced Tea
Source: Taste

Watermelon is the popular hydrating fruit of the summer, and you can make the tea by just blending the pieces of watermelon with some mint leaves and lemon. We can use strawberries as well and an ideal way of enjoying the taste of fruits too.

7. Cucumber Mint Green Tea

Cucumber Mint Green Tea
Source: Pinterest

This is the perfect combination to enjoy summer garden parties. To make this drink, simply slice the cucumber, add some chopped mint leaves and brew some green tea.

8. Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water
Source: The Wellness Project

Like other veggies, cucumber contains 95% of water to keep the body refreshed and manage the daily fluid needs. Cucumber has also some other nutrients like Vitamin C and caffeic acid to nourish the body. You can have the dish of cucumber salad or add slices in water to enjoy summer drinks.

9. Aloe Juice

Aloe Juice
Source: Femina.in

This is another water-dense plant to treat dehydration and flush out impurities. Hydration is much required after a heavy workout to compensate for the fluid loss through the intake of hydrating juices. Aloe juice is beneficial in detoxifying the kidneys and liver and keeping them healthy too. Drinking aloe juice alone or combined with some liquids like smoothies or green juices to boost hydration and get some additional nutrients.

10. Celery

Source: Earth.com

I can say celery is almost all water as it contains nearly 95% of water. This is a flavorful way of hydrating the body if someone struggles to fulfill the amount of required water per day. Because of its high water content, it takes a lot of energy to crunch and swallow it. The good source of other nutrients like salts, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, and amino acids helps to rejuvenate the body and skin.

You can start the day with a glass of celery juice to reap the health benefits of sufficient water intake. You can combine celery juice with some green apple and lemon. For this, just grind the celery and green apple together in a mixer and stir it with squeezed lemon.

11. Berries

Source: Healthline

The small, soft fruits in various colors, usually sweet or sour taste, offer many health benefits. Berries have a good nutritional profile as high in water count, fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Tones of fiber improve your satiety and make your tummy fuller for longer, and antioxidants help detoxify the body. I would say Berries are the healthiest fruit in the summer season, and we can use them to make desserts, jams, or toppings in snacks.

So make sure to stock up the ripe berries for the summer months.

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