10 Side Effects Of The GM Diet Plan You Should Know


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10 Side Effects Of The GM Diet Plan You Should Know

GM diet plan is a General Motor diet that promises to lose weight in 7 days. General Motors developed this plan with the food and drug administration and the U.S Department of agriculture in 1985. Although this diet promises to help you lose weight, you can’t ignore the side effects of the GM diet plan.

The GM diet plan aims to lose weight by focusing on specific food groups only. This diet contains low-calorie food and negative calorie foods. Also, you will need to increase water intake. Exercising is optional. But if you workout, you can get good results. By following this diet plan, you feel healthier and energetic.

The GM diet plan claims to remove the toxins and impurities from the body and improve digestion. Though this diet plan has effective effects and benefits of losing weight, there are many drawbacks. There are many side effects of the GM diet plan despite their claims. You need to know them before you start the weight loss process with the General Motors diet plan.

Side Effects Of The GM Diet Plan

Although this plan for losing weight in a short period may seem attractive, you need to know some side effects of the GM Diet plan before choosing to follow the diet. General Motors’ diet plans do come with many risks.

1. Limited Nutrition

Limited Nutrition
Source: Healthline

In this diet, you only have fibers and low protein, carbs, and fats. Because of this, your body may not receive the right amount of nutrition. This diet is restricted to promote a quick weight loss process. These nutrients are essential for proper digestion process, muscle-building, etc.

2. Unsustainable Diet

Unsustainable Diet
Source: fitnessdev

This diet has many restrictions on food intake, and the food quantity and variety are limited here. This is why the diet is not helpful in long term sustainable weight loss, making it unsustainable, which is the biggest disadvantage of the GM diet.

3. Not Suitable For Everyone

Not Suitable For Everyone
Source: Cosmopolitan

The GM diet isn’t suitable for everyone, especially pregnant women, children, arthritis, and heart disease patients. During pregnancy, proper nutrition and diet provide healthy developments to the child and mother. This diet does not consist of the right foods required by pregnant women; it is strictly prohibited for them.

4. Affects Metabolism

Affects Metabolism
Source: Vital Everyday

Your metabolism can be affected by this diet plan due to being on extremely low calories. Metabolism is slowed down, which makes it challenging to maintain your body weight. A slower metabolism may result in weight gain.

5. Muscle Weakness

Muscle Weakness
Source: Medical News Today

This diet may lead to physical weakness as the body doesn’t get the required amount of protein. And because of a lack of protein, the muscles mass loses, and you face muscle weakness problems. The loss of muscle mass is due to the muscle tissues not getting the proper amount of protein.

6. Causes Headache

Causes Headache
Source: Everyday Health

In the beginning, your body is not in the habit of GM diet. It is why people might experience severe headaches. With the restricted food, your body may suffer from hunger, causing you frequent headaches. It may further lead to irritation.

7. Fatigue

Source: Forbes

As this diet doesn’t fulfill the body’s nutritional requirements, people following this diet plan feel fatigued and tired. It becomes hard to work and concentrate on their daily tasks. People can also face poor sleep or other health conditions.

8. Hair Loss

Hair Loss
Source: Everyday Health

As your body doesn’t get the right amount of proteins and iron, this may lead to hair loss. Iron and proteins are important factors in strengthening the hair. This diet has only fibers but lacks vitamins and minerals; they are essential for strong and healthy hair.

9. Dehydration

Source: The Pain Center

The body uses up all the fluids in the diet for metabolism, which may lead to dehydration. People may feel incessantly thirsty due to the constant and rapid intake of fruit juices, enhancing the metabolic rate. Dehydration may result in drier skin.

10. Weight Gain

Weight Gain
Source: Insider

When you follow the plan for seven days, you tend to lose weight. Once you get back to a regular diet, you crave more due to food restriction. During the seven days, you deplete your calorie intake, which turns on starvation mode, and your body starts to conserve the energy. This process of conservation of energy is continued after your shift to your regular diet too. And your body uses less energy and stores more that results in fat and weight gain. It is the biggest drawback of the General Motors diet plan.


General Motors’ diet plan promises weight loss in 7 days, but this diet lacks nutrition and is unsustainable, restricting us to particular food groups. Our body does lose weight in 7 days, but after returning to the regular diet, it becomes difficult to sustain weight loss. Although this diet has some benefits (the diet makes us eat vegetables and fruits), it changes our diet and lifestyle. Remember these side effects of the GM diet plan before taking it.

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