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9 Protein-Rich Breakfast Recipes To Stay Healthy


Nowadays, we need to stay at home to be safe. With limited stocked up groceries and fruits, you must be wondering, what to make for breakfast that could be cooked easily, with fewer ingredients. Not to worry. You can try out these easy and quick protein-rich breakfast recipes that are loaded with proteins and could be prepared with just 3 ingredients.

9 Protein-Rich Breakfast Recipes To Stay Healthy

1. Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Bowl 

This is one of the easiest breakfast to prepare in lazy mornings. You just need boiled chickpeas, green veggies, and some spices to prepare this breakfast bowl. Enriched with proteins, these chickpeas are very healthy and enormously satisfying. You can even add eggs or avocado or cottage cheese to make it more nutritious. 

chickpea scramble breakfast bowl
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2. Overnight Oats with Nuts

Oats are rich sources of protein and healthy fats. It combats bad cholesterol and helps in maintaining weight. Just put these nutritious oats with milk and let it soak overnight. Throw in the sweet nuts such as cashews, raisins, almonds, etc in it and you can have an extremely nutritious breakfast in the morning without many efforts. 

overnight oats with nuts
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3. Mixed Sprouts Poha

Poha is a famous Maharashtrian breakfast. It is made of flattened rice, chilies, onions, and potatoes. Add nutritious sprouts to make it healthier. The sprouts are loaded with fibers, antioxidants, and iron. It will help you in weight loss, keep your tummy full for longer and its tastes spicy too. Garnish the Poha with peanuts and coriander leaves to enhance its taste. 

mixed sprouts poha
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4. Banana Apple Porridge

If you are craving for something sweet, then this is your perfect breakfast. The bananas are rich in potassium and Vitamin A, B, and E, while the juicy apples are loaded with fibers, Vitamin A and C. Cook the low-fat daliyas and oats in warm milk, then, refrigerate it. And add sugar or honey for sweetness. The sweet breakfast bowl is ready for you. Just top up with sliced fruits, nuts, and berries. 

banana apple porridge
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5. Oats Idli

Most people don’t like the taste of oats much. But you can make oats idli or oats upma for a good change. It will give you the goodness of oats with a spicy twist. You can try having these soft fluffy idlis with sambhar or coconut chutney for a delicious healthy breakfast. 

oats idli
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6. Cottage Cheese Bowl

It is one of those healthy breakfasts that you would love to eat in busy mornings. Do you know, half a cup of cottage cheese consists of 14 grams of protein. Just scoop out these healthy cottage cheese in a bowl and add sweet raspberries or blueberries for sweetness. The berries are fiber-rich too. 

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7. Rawa Upma

This delightful South Indian breakfast could be easily prepared with just 3 ingredients – Rawa, Ghee, and chopped Veggies. It is very easy to cook and is super healthy. It’s a wholesome breakfast to make you feel content the whole day. Just add beans, peas, and carrots to reap more benefits of green veggies. 

rawa upma
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8. Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie

The chia seeds are packed with fibers, Omega – 3 fatty acids and lots of proteins. With a cup of milk, add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and sliced fresh apples to make this healthy smoothie. You can also add crushed almonds to enhance its thickness and taste. 

apple chia seeds smoothie
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9. Tofu Scramble

Tofu consists of 22 grams of proteins. Scramble a block of tofu in the pan and prepare it with herbs, fresh veggies, and spices, making it flavorful. It will take just a few minutes and your healthy breakfast is ready. Serve it warm. 

tofu scramble
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The mornings should be always filled with proteins that would energize you for the whole day. Even though you have fewer ingredients or you are feeling low due to quarantine, still, these healthy plus tasty breakfast recipes would bring comfort to you. So, why don’t you try these delectable recipes to have a wonderful start of the day?

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