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    8 Healthy Beverages For Your Heart To Keep It Fit And Active

    Keep your heart healthy is an imperative problem that must require proper attention. Despite the things we know, certain food increases heart problems but can’t resist ourselves as we habituate with these. However, you can drink these healthy beverages for your heart, which will help to keep it healthy and fit. To slash the risk of cardio problems, increase the intake of nutritious food, exercise regularly, healthy drinks, etc.

    Question: What Type Of Healthy Beverages For Your Heart You Must Drink?

    Question: What Type Of Healthy Beverages For Your Heart You Must Drink?
    Source: NutriFusion

    Whenever you want to satisfy your thirst with some exciting drinks besides boring plain water, there are wide choices of beverages in the market. Be careful. Many drinks sound healthy but have much-added sugar like fruit juices.

    Healthy Beverages For Your Heart To Keep It Fit

    1. Red Wine

    Red Wine
    Source: Forbes

    Red wine, in moderation, is linked with heart health. The red wine comes from the skin of grapes, which contains a high amount of antioxidants called polyphenol named resveratrol; it has got the attention for its benefits. Resveratrol benefits the heart by increasing the HDL level, prevent the formation of blood clots, reducing the risk of heart diseases. It also helps by neutralizing the effects of oxygen free radicals and reactive nitrogenous radicals, preventing cardiovascular diseases.

    Simply eating grapes also could be the option of getting resveratrol without consuming alcohol. Peanut, chocolate blueberry, or cranberry also has a good amount of resveratrol, but the percentage may vary in food and drinks. Resveratrol supplement forms are also available in the market, but the study says the body can’t absorb it.

    2. Soy Milk

    Soy Milk
    Source: Well+Good

    Soy milk is a wonderful drink, especially if you are worried about your increased cholesterol. Drinking it regularly benefits the body; it has polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, preventing the cholesterol from transporting into the bloodstream. Hence, lowering down the cholesterol in the body. It also reduces the symptoms of menopause, improves exercise performance, and weight management. This is the best way to get the dose of soy in the form of a beverage for an energetic life.

    3. Water

    Source: Medical News Today

    Water is said to be the healthiest drink on the planet, but we often overlook it. Daily 2 liters or 8 glasses of water intake is required for effective body functioning.

    Hydration is essential for a healthy heart. There are various reasons for heart problems if your body gets dehydrated. Because of dehydration, blood viscosity gets increased, which leads to resistance to blood flow and high blood pressure. Dehydration increases cholesterol formation in arteries, which may cause atherosclerosis. It also reduces your body’s ability to regulate its temperature, which may put a person at risk.

    Drinking a glass of water an hour before sleeping reduces the risk of stroke. No other beverages can replace the need for water in our bodies.

    4. Tea

    Source: Today Show

    Coffee is the favorite energy drink among the athletes but the tea drinkers seem to have less likely cardiovascular diseases.

    Drinking tea is exceptionally healthy, whether you choose black or green tea. Tea is a rich source of antioxidants, mainly catechins and flavonoids, which prevent the risk of stroke, diabetes, cancer, has anti-aging effects, etc. Flavonoids reduce plaque formation in the arteries too. Black tea gives relief from headaches and tooth decay.

    But always keep in mind adding the much amount of sugar or milk counteract the health benefits of tea. Too much sugar intake affects health. Hence, limit taking it.

    5. Coffee

    Source: Healthline

    Mood enhancing healthy drink in the morning has its health benefits but only if you take in moderation. Also, if you don’t mix it with sugar and cream. A study conducted by the American Heart Association showed that a moderate amount of coffee intake 4 cups per day linked to a lower risk of stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases.

    6. Tomato Juice

    Tomato Juice
    Source: Healthline

    Tomato juice should be the drink of this summer and have been associated with heart health. See why it is healthier? Nutrient-rich tomato juice contains a decent amount of potassium, niacin, folate, vitamin C, E, and B6 content.

    Potassium present in juice manages the healthy blood pressure by lowering down the sodium level in the blood. It is concentrated with lycopene and beta carotene to strengthen the arteries, decrease the bad cholesterol level, and reduce inflammation. It also improves the homocysteine level which directly damages the heart.

    Consumption of 100% tomato juice without any added sugar or salt is the best way to get a dense amount of nutrients.

    7. Pomegranate Juice

    Pomegranate Juice
    Source: Everyday Health

    Pomegranate is a rich source of antioxidants, mainly polyphenols that fight many heart diseases.

    The person with high BP should take 150 ml glass between lunch and dinner to lower BP. The juice is effective against atherosclerosis to reduce the thickness of arteries. Other benefits are improving the blood flow, lowers bad cholesterol, and antioxidant effects.

    8. Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry Juice
    Source: Healthline

    Like red wine, cranberry juice also could be one of the healthy beverages for your heart to keep all your health problems at bay. It is full of antioxidants flavonoids associated with a decrease in the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

    Cranberries also have some phytonutrients to fight against inflammation, as this may damage the arteries and attract plaque formation leads to atherosclerosis. Some study shows that it helps to prevent dental plaque and gum diseases.

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