5 Effective Dental Hygiene Tips To Follow

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5 Effective Dental Hygiene Tips To Follow

“Smile is the best makeup one can wear.” It is a symbol of strength and peace. Sometimes, your smile can let you down if your teeth aren’t healthy, and if it looks filthy. Here are a few dental hygiene tips for maintaining proper dental hygiene so that you can smile and laugh all day without hesitation. These dental hygiene tips will help you fix unhealthy teeth without any extra need.

Dental Hygiene Tips To Follow

1. Brushing Your Teeth Properly

Brushing Your Teeth Properly
Source: Verywell Health

Do you brush properly? Brushing your teeth properly is a part of your daily routine; Brushing your teeth is a prerequisite to maintain proper dental hygiene. Brushing removes dirt, any food leftovers, etc., from spreading infection. Proper brushing doesn’t require hours. It needs to be done with a proper technique to avoid various teeth related problems, such as gingivitis, tooth decay, etc.

  • According to experts, you should brush in a circular method and slowly.
  • Maintain a 45-degree angle for your molars and premolar teeth.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid bleeding gums.
  • Brush at least twice a day.

2. Avoid Tobacco

Avoid Tobacco
Source: Politico

Tobacco chewing or smoking is injurious to health—cigarettes consist of large amounts of tobacco. Oral cancer is a major type of cancer caused due to frequent consumption of tobacco. Also, it affects the teeth of a person very badly. Its regular consumption can lead to developing gum disease or periodontal disease, causing toothache or tooth fall. It can further lead to tooth decay too.

What happens when you consume tobacco?

  • Your teeth will get stained yellow.
  • It makes your root canal and gums weak.
  • You will get more plaque and tartar from reduced saliva flow.  
  • Your enamel will get worn down and sand inside.

3. Limit Alcohol, Coffee, Soda

Limit Alcohol, Coffee, Soda
Source: Healthline

Alcohol, coffee, soda all cause harm to your teeth and increase the rate of tooth cavities. Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth, leading to tooth decay. As alcohol is acidic, it provides a better environment for the bacteria to feast on your teeth. Frequent coffee consumption is also responsible for the bacteria’s growth, leading to tooth enamel erosion and bad breath (halitosis). Similarly, the sugar present in soda causes tooth problems too.

Milk is an alternate option for them. Milk is a natural supplier of vitamin B and the richest source of calcium. Drinking milk is healthy and provides various health benefits.

4. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Visit Your Dentist Regularly
Source: Health Tuition

A regular dental checkup ensures healthy teeth. You don’t have to have a dental problem or any dental injury to visit your dentist. It is suggested that you should visit your dentist at least twice a year. You should have your oral health checkup routine to avoid gum bleedings. Oral cleaning is a must even if you do not have any dental problems, which improves your dental hygiene. Dentists inform you about your dental health in advance, giving you enough time to care for your teeth.

5. Use Mouth Wash And Flossing

Use Mouth Wash And Flossing
Source: WebMD

Mouth washing and flossing are an essential part of dental hygiene tips. They ensure that your teeth are free from any food stuck between your teeth. This lodged food causes bacteria growth, leading to dental problems like dental caries (tooth decay), etc. Mouthwash has its advantages. It helps you feel fresh and keeps you away from halitosis or bad breath. Using a proper mouth wash along with floss is a real must.

  • It is suggested to use an 18 inches long piece of floss.
  • Floss should be rubbed in opposite motion in forwarding and backward direction “C” shape.
  • For braces, one can go for waxed floss.

Here are effective dental hygiene tips that make sure your teeth remain clean and healthy. They are easy to do and do not require extra effort. Regularly follow these tips and see how healthy your teeth become.

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