Wednesday, February 24, 2021

“Being” vs “Beating” sedentary Lifestyle. Where do you Fall?

If you read the title and thought - I’m definitely beating sedentary lifestyle. “I go to gym and invest so much time in...

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    Manasi Shivade

    High Protein Patties And Antioxidant Smoothie Recipe

    High Protein Patties Recipe Soy Chana Patties Ingredients 1/2 cup soy granules (soaked in warm water) 1 boiled potato mashed ½ cup chana dal (soaked overnight) 1/2...

    2 Healthy, Nutritious Quick Evening Snacks To Satisfy Your Hunger

    What is your favorite snack when you have a small hunger before your meal? Especially in the evening when you need to eat something...

    Let’s Have Some Fun with Salad

    Loads of kale, pomegranate, onion,  berries, and apple make this salad hearty and loaded with fiber and antioxidants. If you love quick, crisp salads...

    Is your Hair Giving you a Hard Time?

    Are you struggling with hair fall? Do your hair lack shine and luster? Have you tried all the shampoos and oils available in the...

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    12 Essential Skincare Tips For Winter

    12 Essential Skincare Tips For Winter

    Say hello to the cold season of the year. Winter is the gorgeous season to bring out all nice woolen accessories. But, it causes...

    Let’s Know About Obesity And Its Linked Conditions

    Obesity Obesity is a complex disorder which involves an excessive amount of body fat due to negative energy balance and also other factors responsible. It increases...
    How To Become A Connoisseur Of Tea?

    How To Become A Connoisseur Of Tea?

    “As much as you can eat healthily, it is also important to drink healthy,” said Kristin Chenoweth once. We focus so much on what...
    sickle cell anaemia

    How To Treat Sickle Cell Aneamia?

    Various Treatment approaches Treatments include the medications to get relief of pain and prevent further complications. Currently, stem cell transplantation is the potential cure for...
    apples in diabetes

    Pros And Cons Of Eating Apples When You Have Diabetes

    Apples are delicious, nutritious, and convenient to eat and also contain carbs, which impact blood sugar levels. But they are a  good source of...

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