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    5 Common Holiday Stressors That You Need To Watch Out

    Holidays have always been the fun part, but nowadays, holiday stress is also commonly seen. Holidays are incredibly the most stressful time for many. Feeling anxious and sad can during holidays is holiday stress or holiday blue. Holidays are the time for joy, fun, family, and friends. But a few common holiday stressors result in temporary anxiety, sadness, stress, and feeling overwhelmed. 

    People feel stressed or anxious due to their unrealistic expectations, financial issues, high commitment, overeating, irregular sleeping routine, loneliness, and many more. The holiday stress can be prevented if paid attention to the stressors. Try to avoid keeping higher expectations and commitments. Don’t stress over your post-holiday work.

    Holidays stress can be prevented with planning, keep a check on financing, talking to family and friends, keep our expectations low. Self-care and self-love are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle and mind. Trying meditation and physical exercise can also reduce stress. People with anxiety and stress issues before the holidays can find controlling the stress level difficult.

    Managing the stressors and understanding them can be a critical part. Here are five common stressors you may need to understand to control your stress and anxiety before it ruins your enjoyable vacations.

    Common Holiday Stressors That Ruin Your Holidays

    1. Feeling Sad Or Loneliness

    Feeling Sad Or Loneliness
    Source: Cigna

    It’s important to recognize that feeling sad and lonely are normal. Expressing feelings is also acceptable. Holidays aren’t always meant to be happy and enjoyable. If you have experienced any trauma, you have lost someone, you are no longer with the one you loved the most, or even if the trauma isn’t recent, the holidays can make your emotions high and bring up the strong feeling. Avoiding this feeling is not a good option. Accept the feeling and try to engage yourself in other activities you love and get fresh air. Long and extended feelings of sadness and loneliness may harm your body and mind.

    2. Unrealistic Expectations

    Unrealistic Expectations
    Source: MindBodyGreen

    Many a time, we tend to set higher and unrealistic expectations during our holidays. And we try to keep up with everything at once. Remember, not all the holidays are perfect. Try maintaining a healthy and realistic routine. Follow the routine, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Try to sit back and relax. Planning a routine will help you keep a check on your work, expectation, and anxiety. Family and tradition change, but accept them and adjust to cope up with others. You can always choose not to attend the event or go to family gatherings.

    3. Social Pressures

    Social Pressures
    Source: Family – LoveToKnow

    Social and family gatherings can be a real source of anxiety. It’s normal to feel stressed in the family gatherings if your family is difficult. Planning and hosting events can cause you to feel overwhelmed during holidays. Try planning for holiday parties and family visits. Avoid judging relatives and do something that makes you happy after the gathering.

    4. Finances Crises

    Finance Crises
    Source: Talk Business

    Money can be the biggest reason for stress on holidays as holidays comes with many expenses. People get stressed in holidays due to expensive gifts, shopping and gathering also cost more. Create a budget and stick to it. It’s normal if you give gifts that are affordable for you. You can replace the expensive gift with homemade or handmade gifts; they are way too personal and the best gifts than the expensive one.

    5. Physical Health

    Physical Health
    Source: Women’s Health

    All the stress and anxiety impact our physical and mental health. A holiday comes with a lot of unhealthy habits which affect your body and mind. We all tend to build unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. Stress can get worse with eating junk and a high level of sugar intake. Maintain an exercise and healthy eating routines. To avoid stress and depression during the holidays, you should keep a check on your sleep routine. Maintain a stable, healthy eating, good sleep, physical activities routine. Self-love and self-care are the most important factors in controlling stress.

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    Above mentioned common holiday stressors and tips to reduce the stress will help you have fun, enjoyable, stress-free, and healthy holidays. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed, then talk to the professional. Holidays can be stressful; it is OK until the stress harm your physical and mental health.

    It’s not necessary to be happy and celebrate the festivals the same as last year. It’s totally your choice to say ‘yes’ to the event you loved the most and say ‘no’ if you don’t like the event. Don’t keep higher and unrealistic expectations, accept reality, and live realistically. Holidays are all about gatherings and family get together. Take holidays as an opportunity to grow stronger bonds with your parents and stay connected to your family.

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